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  1. Hi, I have tested and watched the local variable in the developer mode and for me its A32NX_OVHD_ELEC_BAT_10_PB_IS_AUTO and A32NX_OVHD_ELEC_BAT_11_PB_IS_AUTO when I press the battery buttons in the cockpit even when using the FBW A320 mod. I am using the build 0.6.1 stable version. I have managed to get the batteries working directly using FSUIPC but not using Linda which is a pain tbh. If you have suggestions it will be helpful thanks. Regards Waqar
  2. @Carliolian Hi, I do have the WASM module installed, I am using the latest FSUIPC version. I have tried all the battery related command such as toggle/set/on/off, I am unable to get any of them to work. Maybe I am doing something wrong in Linda. What commands are you using for the battery switches to work, thanks your help is appreciated. Regards Waqar
  3. Hi, Sorry Idk if I am doing something wrong but when I try to use the battery related command they don't work for me. Can you please guide me about what I may be doing wrong as in FSUIPC log it says attempt to compare number with nil. All help is appreciated thank you. Regards
  4. Hi Joe, Thanks for making the module for the A320, I just wanted to ask have you had luck with master battery switches because I can not seem to be able to control them with the lvar included in the module. Thanks for your help! Regards
  5. @ScotFlieger hi, how are you? have you had any luck regarding figuring out how to use lvar/havr in Linda. From what I understand they are used as macros in FSUIPC, but when I tried FSUIPC macro in Linda it did not work as it should. Is there a way where we can write a script such as ipc.xxxx. Thanks for your time, Regards.
  6. Thanks please look into it as it will add a lot of functionality in the simulator especially if using FlyByWire A320 mod. Regards
  7. I will post here please update Linda as it is really helpful tool and access to lvars should make it much better to use for extra features in the aircraft. Thanks. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/92032-fsuipc-wasm-module-client-side-api-lvarhvar-discussion-topic/page/9/ You can read about it on simflight forum about lvar and hvar support within FSUIPC with WASM module. Thanks for your time and thanks for developing such an easy to use interface software!
  8. Hi, I wanted to ask will there be an update regarding the usage of lvars and hvars in Linda as Fsuipc have enabled LVAR and HVAR through WASM module. Regards
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