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  1. Sounds good will check it out when released! The Concorde in FS2000 was not that great but for myself as a preteen at that time it was impressive. 🤣 Thanks for the kind words!
  2. I remember back in 2001 being on AVSIM and still looking for add-ons for FS95 LoL under USAIR767. After the site went down I fell far away from the AVSIM tree but it feels great to be back. And with the new FS2020 achieving almost everything myself and I'm sure others have dreamed of back since FS95 has finally become true it's time to get back to the roots with videos for some or all to enjoy! For the younger generation I don't think you understand how lucky you guys are. I remember going from FS95 to FS98 to FS2000 (Concorde I miss you!) to FS2002 to FS2004 and my Flight Sim journey stopped at Flight Simulator X as to date I still feel it was the biggest let down by Flight Sim that it made me switch to X-Plane. (X-Plane is great for a real feel flight by the way!) But now with FS2020 I feel at home and as said earlier almost everything myself and others have asked for since FS2004 seems to finally be a reality so I can only imagine the expectations of the young ones just getting into it! I look forward to the future even if it takes another 10 years! Enjoy the flight to Outer Space! (Close enough anyways LoL) 😁
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