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  1. Oopsie! I completely misspoke in my frustration. Where I have said I select flaps down, I really meant to say flaps up. My mistake!
  2. (By the way, I forgot to mention that I am currently flying the 787 because the 777s that I have aren't fully operational.)
  3. Hi! My name is Keenen Davis, and I am a pilot in training for Delta Virtual Air Lines. I just got a brand new computer which runs much faster than the last one I had. On the previous computer, FSX constantly froze on landing and failed to render up-close images for seconds. On this new computer, FSX runs like a dream, and the graphics are fantastic; however, I've run into a problem with several aircraft that I've tried to fly. I am used to flying the A380 and the 777X at 485 knots at flight level 380, and have done so time and time again without issue...on the previous computer. On the new one, for some weird reason, the flight computer won't let me exceed 350 knots. Before takeoff, I have my lights on, and my altitude, speed, and heading are set as told by ATC, and I have flaps configured for takeoff. The HDG/GPS toggle switch is set to GPS, and the Flight Director mode is enabled. For takeoff, I turn taxispeed off and turn autothrottle on, and then I hit the Speed button. On takeoff, I set flaps down by one increment. The first officer puts the gear up. We takeoff smoothly at 225 knots at a climb rate of 1,200 feet per minute; at 1,000 feet, I ramp up the speed to 250 knots, and turn left or right as told by ATC while ascending to the assigned altitude. At 10,000 feet, I ramp up the speed to 320~350 knots, and as the engines start to accelerate, I set the flaps down again by one increment. At this point, as I ascend through FL180~FL280, I put the flaps all the way down; I should be able to accelerate further, but FSX won't let me. I ascend through FL320, and while I'm supposed to be flying at 485 knots, I am stuck at a maximum speed of 350 knots. As I ascend through FL300, in order to maintain speed, the plane gradually starts to floor it, giving me the impression that if I ascend any higher, I may enter a stall from which I may not be able to recover. According to Google, the 787 has a cruising speed of 487 knots at FL400. If I'm supposed to be able to reach FL400, why are my engines straining to produce thrust at FL300, and why can't I exceed 350 knots? What the heck am I doing wrong? Maybe it's an issue regarding the files of FSX. How can I fix this issue?
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