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  1. I took one, but I cant figure out how to post it here.
  2. Neither of these things are happening. No change in popup window, no turn arrow.
  3. I tried all the units in the configurator to see if any of them looked different than what I get when I select the GNS530xp. They all look the same. And no GNS530xp or anything else shows up on the screen. Also the Nav/GPS switch only works when the default 400 is selected. That's why I think the 530 isn't there at all, result: no log files.
  4. I don't think the actual gauge is showing up. Just an image of it with a blank screen. I did an experiment and tried all the options in the configurator, and they all look the same, and the default units are the only ones where the Nav/GPS switch will select GPS.
  5. Users>default>documents This folder is empty.
  6. I have already done that in both C;\ and C;\users folders. The result was the same. " nothing found matching this description." This is a brand new gaming laptop, so I have no other drives set up. I have also looked in my FSX\documents folder with the same results.
  7. Disregard last question. I'm half asleep. Yeah, I checked it and nothing is blocked. The only thing in my C;\users folder is public and night. Are you running Windows 10? Lets try this maybe? Call up your log files, and tell me exactly what you did to get them so I can duplicate the procedure?
  8. What is AV program, and where do I find it please?
  9. Just rxpGNS2.dll Okay, I'm kinda new at this stuff. Please explain how to check on quarantined files. Step by step please. Thank you for your patience. I know I must be driving you up the wall by now. Still looking for those log files,
  10. Okay, I finally located and edited the file as per the directions in the user manual. No results. The 530 is still completely non functional in my 182.
  11. C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\dll.xml I have tried that. Got as far as \name\ and got stuck. there is no \ AppData\ or anything beyond that to navigate to.
  12. I have been battling the installation of an RXP gps unit in my A2A 182 for a few days now, and am seriously considering giving up and trying a Mindstar unit, but I don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. So, Has anyone out there installed a Mindstar gps in an A2A 182, and if so, can you tell me about the process? What kind of installer comes with it, and were you able to use it on the 182? I'm running FSXse on Windows 10. Thanx in advance.
  13. It means both the gps and popup screens are black and unresponsive. What section of the manual are the xml file and instructions for editing in please? As for the log files, the manual says they are located in a "my Documents" folder. There is no such folder on my computer, and a file search of my entire hard drive failed to find any rxp log files. I found the section on the xml file, but windows cannot locate it so I can't edit it.
  14. Can you please tell me what section of the users manual the xml file and instructions for editing is located?
  15. I am convinced that my problem is lying with the Trainer Lite software. Is the one downloaded with the 530 the only version of it available, and if there is a newer version where can I find it?
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