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  1. So i was the third person to ever be hired into this chain of VAs. When it started out it was Virtual Frontier very small group maybe 20 pilots in all by the end. I was promoted very quickly from pilot to Regional Manager for approving prieps i had the West coast under me. Then we were changed to base managers then just Managers. As we were slowly growing one thing became very clear.. Frontier will always suck if its Virtual or real.. So we elected to change airlines. I met with the CEO over Facetime with at the time The Pres of the VA too. We elected to go to Delta VA this decision in the discord made a few people word not allowed as always but we did it. I was expected to pay 100 bucks towards the creation of the new VA and in return id be rewarded with the Director of Pilot Ops position LET ME JUST SAY HERE IS WHERE THE WORLD BECOMES AWFUL At first life was fine happy staff team happy airline happy group of pilots. Met amazing people and we did tons of group flights (The CEO never took part in any of them thats gonna be important down the road) A little down the road some more staff came in and I was no longer liked by Zac the main reason is i had a profession that takes me out on the road quite a bit and i was gone for 4 days a week at times so I cant be on doing pireps more than 1 time per day. I explained this to the CEO and all was good prieps only needed review every 24 hours and for some dumb reason we cant automate it even though it used to be Automated. Also we had Base managers that were doing prieps too. Moving forward a month goes by and then Zac wont speak to me anymore and is very rude out right saying in chats public that im not his favorite and that hes replaced me and is being totally serious he has found actually a very great guy and a nice person in my opinion. This person was made president of the VA (the original one had been kicked the kerb for having the gaul to go to flight school) About a week later from this new pres being hired i was fired despite not doing anything to deserve it I did all the work i was expected to and did routine out reach in the discord. Mind you i also paid half the cost to start the VA but does that matter nope get the f' outta here and be back as a pilot. I thought of leaving but i opted it'd be a bigger middle finger to stay and be more popular than the CEO lol which wasnt very hard cause he didnt talk to anyone and those he did he would in private chats make fun of them and talk extremely rudely about them. I was later rehired as a base manager then fired again because he purges the staff team about one time per day. I was then hired as a training sup which i stayed as for about 4 months, During that four months i saw a revolving door around staff for things like not putting different enough acars comments or not putting them fast enough or not answering questions fast enough in the discord. or making jokes about why certain things are done a particular way or making jokes the CEO just doesnt like... I want to highlight this particular one here. While in the VA we had a younger man who had a disability. He was one of the most dedicated memebers id seen all he wanted to do was fly fly fly and help help help. If someone gave 100% effort he gave 100% more. He had difficulty with speech and other things but it didnt stop him. It was very admirable. He left comments ASAP on acars logs. He approved them right away the perfect employee so you'd think. But i kid you not Zac (the ceo) and this young man just disagreed on the way acars comments should be typed out. The content was fine but just the structure which is an issue for some people in this persons case. Well Zac decideds "i dont want people who are defective screwing this up" Sends a message later over to one of my good friends who was at this time the new Pilot Director to go in and FIRE him for that. This poor young man who gave 100% lost it because of a message structure that no one ever read. It really affected all of us on the staff team everyone was mad and hurt by it. After that mess people started standing up a bit to Zac . One person said "I really dont like the way you treat me here" after he had been picked on for weeks straight by zac getting told youre not my favorite and other very passive or just aggressive comments. Zacs response to someone asking to be treated better. ..... Ban the entire staff team and make a dictatorship run only by him.. So the next day he hired a brand new staff team. By this time it was decided he needed to be stopped so we attempted to get Zac to step down from his role and allow a new Leader to come even offering him money to step down. The result of that mess.. The VA was disband the website shut down for weeks and all that progress and community lost.... What a shame it was 2 weeks later it was back up and we were all perm banned.. the good news is it looks ike the wbesite is shut down again thankfully.. SO IF YOU READ THIS RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS VA
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