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  1. Hey Guys! Some may know my situation with my desktop FSX, which i had on my computer since 2007. Well it was accidentally overwritten by installing FSX deluxe, now i can't access FSX on my desktop. Someone advised me to purchase steam addition which i did, went on my first flight last night in over two months, man did it feel good. 17 minutes into the flight from KLAX to PHNL the sim restarted, wow that was a great disappointment to say the lease. Don't know what happened and I'm tired of researching solutions to these problems, looks like I'm being forced to get P3D. Getting P3D might mean i won't be able to use any of my old FSX aircraft which i love, simviation aircraft has P3D in the description of the plane. Does that mean those aircraft are P3D compatible? Anyway I'm sad that steam has let me down, thanks for all your help finding a solution to my FSX problem.
  2. Ok, i would love to give Microsoft a call however, i don't have their phone number. Can you send it to me?
  3. OK, I'll get around to that later on today, but i know it wont run on this nine year old windows7 computer.
  4. Thank You! I'm going to look into FSX-SE $24.99 vs $60 for P3D, sounds like a much better deal in my eyes.
  5. Well the computer I'm using is about 9 years old so, I'm sure P3D will have a hard time running on this computer. There are several sites offering the USS Midway carrier which is compatible with both Steam and P3D...Glad to hear that as soon as i choose a sim, I'm going to purchase The Midway. That was the first ship i sailed on during my time in the Navy, lots of great memories on that ship.
  6. Well yes i purchased FSX Deluxe from amazon and the product key came up invalid, when i attempted to activate it online. It somehow over wrote the FSX files i had on my desktop since 2006, i no longer have that product key. Now i can't get into my desktop FSX as a result, glad you were able to do so. Someone here said that Microsoft activation servers were no longer working for FSX, since they now have a new sim MSFS 2020. Now since you have activated FSX the question becomes, where can i purchase a new copy of FSX? I'm about to purchase FSX-SE so i can continue to fly my FSX aircraft, my PMDG queen of the sky 747 and, my FA-18E Super-bug.
  7. Well i never said 99% of FSX users are using Prepar3D illegally. What i did say was that P3D was costly when it came to purchasing payware aircraft, you can only use payware aircraft in that sim. $60 isn't a lot of money that's true, but aircraft and scenery starts adding up. I just hate to loss all those great FSX planes, many are just as great looking as any payware aircraft.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! 1. P3D is way to expensive for my taste, nice sim and pleasing to the eye's. 2. I'm a heavy aircraft kind of guy, it can be really costly to fly in P3D. Boeing Heavy's, Airbus Heavy's, Military Heavy's=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in payware cost per aircraft and version of same aircraft. Lastly, the flight-sim store has aircraft carriers as payware, I'm interested in purchasing the USS Midway which i served on, are those carriers compatible with steam? Sounds like steam is a better choice for me, if i want to keep flying the friendly sky's. Thanks again for the info.
  9. Where did you purchase FSX SE? I's no longer available on amazon and, may never be available again. MSFS really sucks graphics are great..(depending on your computer system)..However, their are no third party aircraft currently available. FSX addon aircraft are not compatible so, they cannot be used on that sim. Shame on Microsoft for not allowing, all it's FSX aircraft to be used on the new sim. 747, A320 and a 737 are the only jets you can fly, I'm a heavy jet guy myself. 707,727,747, 767, 777, 787. A330, A340, A350, A380 C-5 Galaxy, C-141, C-17 DC-8 Man i really don't want to see all those great aircraft go to waste, if i can't get FSX going again, I'm going to have to stop flying. Can't call Microsoft to complain about the lack of addon aircraft and, the fact, all those great aircraft can't be used in their new sim.
  10. Thanks guys for the timely explanation of my FSX issue, it all makes sense now.
  11. FSX Activation servers no longer working, explains why i can't activate FSX deluxe on my external drive. When trying to open FSX on my desktop and it asked me to activate it, i didn't know the files were overwritten. Shame on Microsoft for not updating the public, that it's activation servers were no longer working for FSX products. Meanwhile, Amazon and other online stores, are still selling FSX . Guess I'll never be able to use the panel on Dino Cattaneo F-14D, FSX Acceleration is down as a result.
  12. purchased FSX deluxe from amazon and, downloaded it to an external drive. I already have a copy of FSX on my desktop, I have had it there since 2009...Anyway, I plugged the external drive in to do some flying and was asked to activate it via the product key...Well the product key was wrong and wouldn't activate...Ok, i then unplugged the external drive and attempted to fly from FSX on my desktop, it too is now asking me to activate using a product key...I no longer have that product key...How can i get my desktop FSX started without using a product key. What the heck happened? Now i can no longer get into my sim on the desktop!
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