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  1. Oh, it's steam edition. Haven't thought about repairing it. EDIT: didn't help, but i have found a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob4TdbDpk7Q) of someone having the same thing, so maybe it is designed that way. Weird
  2. I haven't deleted any aircraft and, honestly, can't remember if it worked properly before >_< The mission doesn't require using them, so maybe they were always broken, but nowadays I just wanted to announce taxi/takeoff for realism sake
  3. You want them to be turned off when you start the flight? Then turn them off, then save the game and while saving it mark "Make this the default flight." checkbox on the bottom of the save dialog. Now, every time you start free flight aircraft will be configured the same way as it is in that save file. If you are trying to make "Cold and Dark" start there are videos on how to do that.
  4. Same happens if I start with other aircraft, but if I change it through the top menu then the new aircraft have it's coms working. The mission is standard and came with the FSX.
  5. Is that supposed to be this way? Both COM1 and COM2 are not lighting up, though NAVs do. Can't change the frequencies either. Resetting the plane fixes this, but it resets payload, so 😦 Teleporting to the other airfield also fixes this, but that requires playing with mission edit on. This happens in Denali Base Camp Charter. Anyone know what in the mission can cause this?
  6. is there a proper way to lean mixture on aircraft like DHC-2 Beaver or Grumman Goose? Those do not have EGT or Fuel Flow gauges, which is what I have read is used to determine how to lean mixture. I can wing it (pun not intended) with 15% per 1000ft seemingly working fine, but would like to know he proper way of doing this.
  7. In General settings last tab "Traffic" are sliders on higher than 0% for land traffic and boats?
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