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  1. Alex, I'm just reporting back success. It was most odd, I carefully did as you instructed, and got the same negative result, twice. On trying a third time the results were as you said. LNM now connects to X-Plane. So two things - the first is to thank you for your help and forebearance, and second to say the issue is solved. With warm regards, Peter
  2. Some progress, Alex. Don't know whether you are interested in how, but I am now able to enter my password after the *, and it shows as I type. However on pressing' return', I get the message zsh: no matches found: *mypassword I have entered the password I use to log onto the Mac. Does that provide any insights? Cheers Peter
  3. Well, Alex, that little question may have led to what the issue is. Although I am the only user of this Mac, and it says "Admin" under my name, apparently I have no admin capability. I am sure I used to have, maybe it disappeared in an upgrade. I have put some time into trying to correct this, including creating a new account with Admin privileges, but I cannot then see X-Plane and Little Nav Map. Having only a small amount of skill in this area, I have reached the point where I just don't understand the language. What a pity, I was looking forward to using some of the features in your excellent software. Kind regards, Peter
  4. Do you suppose it could be a Mac OS Big Sur thing? I am running 11.4. I tried again this morning, - a space, then return after the asterisk. Got the word "Password" and a symbol of a little key in a box, but I was unable to enter anything. Hitting return got a message "sorry try again". Went back and started over at the 'cd' command, and this time unable to get past the asterisk. Cheers Peter
  5. Yes, I did, Alex, but thanks for the suggestion, ppgas. Also I have typed it in - same result. Infuriating.
  6. Alex, some progress. If I type a space after the asterisk in the sudo line, then return, I get the password prompt. Trouble is nothing happens when I try to enter it, whatever key I hit there is no response. P
  7. Thank you so much! At first read it seems a bit daunting, but your instructions are very clear, so if an image is needed I will work through them step-by-step, and have a look at the guide you recommend. I'm grateful. Kind regards, Peter
  8. I must be doing something fundamentally wrong, so will it help if I go step-by-step? I have changed directory OK. I have copied and pasted the sudo command. And there it stays. If I hit return, nothing, if I do it again and hit the spacebar, nothing. If I do nothing, nothing happens. It is driving me nuts! I guess the question is "At what point will the sudo command ask for the password?" Sorry this is such a banal, simple thing. Kind regards, Peter Aaah. Some progress. I changed directory again after the sudo command, and it now asks for a password - a little key in a box. But I can't type anything in there!! I tried a combination of spaces and returns, and got some movement, sadly a message saying "no such file:cd" Is there a way I can send a pic (if it will help)? P
  9. No, no, Alex, you've got me wrong!! When I saw the title of this forum I misread it, only seeing the word "Logbook" as I clicked through. I do apologise, absolutely not my intention to be seen as nagging! I did subsequently realise that I was in the right place. Deepest apologies. Thank you for the response - in fact those four question marks are a representation of my password - I didn't want to show the real one, so I substituted the question marks. I understood that my password should immediately follow the asterisk, which is what I did type. You can see I also tried the Apple password (again I didn't type the real one in this forum, and then when that gave the same result I retried my Mac password. This morning I have deleted/uninstalled everything, and am starting over. I'll get back to you, if I may, if there is still a problem. Again, apologies for seeming churlish. Kind regards, Peter
  10. I wonder if I'm in the wrong forum - I'll try elsewhere -sorry guys. p
  11. Hello, all, I wonder if any of you can guide me through an issue installing Little Navmap, more specifically Little XPconnect. I have rigorously followed the clear instructions to remove the quarantine (out of my comfort zone), as it does not show in the Plugin manager, and having entered my administrator's password directly after the asterisk (shown as ???? below) it won't recognise it. This is the text in Terminal... peterchennell@Peters-iMac Little Xpconnect % cd /Users/peterchennell/X-Plane\ 11/Resources/plugins/Little\ Xpconnect peterchennell@Peters-iMac Little Xpconnect % sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine * ???? xattr: No such file: ???? peterchennell@Peters-iMac Little Xpconnect % sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine *apple password zsh: no matches found: *apple password peterchennell@Peters-iMac Little Xpconnect % sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine *???? zsh: no matches found: *???? peterchennell@Peters-iMac Little Xpconnect % I'd be so grateful for any help. thank you. Peter
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