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  1. I tried, it did not show any improvements :( But I did not find the GPU scaling option, maybe it has to do something with it?
  2. 0kay. If that's the only thing preventing you from helping me, I'll implement that the very next time :)
  3. Being a student I have to travel frequently. I'm also a hardcore flight simulation fan. So, yes I use a laptop.
  4. I'm suffering with the *realistic* tiller system of FSLabs. It's only because I'm a average mouse yoke user. It's unknown as to why FSLabs does not support autorudder. It's a burning issue for people out there, like me, who solely uses mouse yoke for flying for some reason. I know we can use the MCDU to activate sticky tiller disco button but then you have to steer using the keyboard, which is unbelievably difficult. Is there any other way to steer the aircraft on ground using mouse & keyboard? If so, that would be really helpful. Thanks!
  5. I don't use FXAA because it doesn't help with the jaggies but instead makes the textures blurry ;( & I usually set AA to 4xSSAA.
  6. I would be great if you'd provide some more info on that. & also if you can help me with the settings.
  7. I've tried searching up the internet just to get this fixed. Or maybe, just make it a bit better. Jagged lines & textures are inevitable in 1080p monitors like mine, but, I believe there's a way to make it look a bit better. The ground textures, taxiway linings, edges of buildings, static objects, aircrafts, everything looks jaggy but the one that really gets me is the jagged linings on aircraft wings & fuselage. Especially the FSLabs Airbus, Aerosoft A330, PMDG 777, 747, I've tried a few MSAA & AA combinations but they don't seem to help ;( I also did play around with Nvidia application settings, but no help. Around the leading edge:- linings in the fuselage:- The entire aircraft itself lol:- & also sometimes in the cockpit gauges that makes it difficult to read:-
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