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  1. https://stevesfsxanalysis.wordpress.com/dx10-cloud-shadows/
  2. hello everyone I wanted to ask for information but more than anything else help I bought DX10 Cloud Shadows Problems for fsx or installed but did not understand how it works I get a folder after installation SteveFx eh here we are but there are things inside not I know where they go month because someone knows the installation procedure?
  3. ok guys thanks for your questions then listen to me better I wanted to say that I bought this DX10 Cloud Shadows product from the original site with the DX10 Cloud Shadows v3.2 version and also STEVEFX DX10 Scenery Fixer v5.4 you want to tell me when I install it where the folder should be put?
  4. Le ombre delle nuvole non sono visibili FAQ I motivi più comuni per non vedere le ombre delle nuvole sono 1) avere una vecchia versione di faretti fsl installata, scaricare l'ultima versione dal loro sito web THE SITE ? PLEASE INVIED THE LINK THANK
  5. Hello ah all can ask for a STEVEFX information STEVEFX DX10 Cloud Shadows v3.2 I bought this product from the original site the oh installed but I don't know how to proceed to make it work someone can tell me how to proceed by saying it in every detail thank
  6. ciao ho pagare STEVEFX DX10 Cloud Shadows v3.2 how can i make it work once installed how to proceed?
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