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  1. Tried the discount with JF regarding my X plane version, the JF response below. Unfortunately the discount offer is only for those that own the P3D/FSX and AeroFly version of the Hawk. The MSFS version was developed by the same team as the FSX/P3D version thus the offer. However sadly as the X-Plane 11 version was outsourced the offer doesn't run for that version, sorry about that.
  2. I had this situation recently, repeatedly stalling about %90 on loading. Turned off recent addons in addon linker and no joy. Tried re-booting PC etc. no change. Defeated, I left it till the following day and now it is all good. All addons switched on. My hunch it maybe a server/cloud issue.
  3. I had hang ups with the sim a few days back. The blue loading bar kept on stalling near the end, and repeatedly wouldn’t load. Rebooted Pc , disabled latest addons and the sim still wouldn’t boot , proper head scratcher! I left it till the following day and all was/is good. Never have re-installed FS2020 if you are going that way, I would advise to wait first, it could be a server/ cloud issue.
  4. Is it the Banshee? I have the Rapide and Seahawk, with both in community folder via addon linker. I have just booted up my sim and they are there. Good luck.
  5. I bumped on to this little beauty seeing some liveries on flightsim,to. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=247 While I have had to cheat so far to fire her up using the co-pilot function, I need to look at the read me file! The exterior model is top notch, the cockpit for freeware is good too. Switchable external fuel tanks and arrestor hook , ideal for the carrier mods. I will leave any reviewing to the expert across the pennines @Chock if it floats his boat!
  6. I have been using Live weather in msfs since the latest update. What struck me with Rex was more turbulence in all axis. Default always seemed to be tame, I suppose it’s buried in the settings somewhere. With Rex on spring showers setting the C172 was having a tough time, so one or two clicks and job done.
  7. I have not used this since WU4, ever since then my VR setup used to get bogged down while running this. Now it is usable again 😀 i am no expert on these weather packages but I must admit using this REX on a flight from Innsbruck to Salzburg turned out to be the most challenging and enjoyable flight I have ever had. In the PA44 with spring showers set, I was overflying the mountains about 8000 ft and saw the weather front build up in front. I thought ahh its only a cloud, but things changed! I could not go down due to the mountains and could not climb above the cloud base in that old bus!. So straight through it was, I have never watched my instruments as much in my sim life! Tossed and turned all over the place, eventually a small break in the cloud and it looked stunning with the light shafts and rain, and I took that moment to get down. It's time to reprise this flight, but now with the Turbo Arrow. Though live weather still bogs my system, probably the fault of the crappy internet I have got, the presets are good enough for me. I recommend it.
  8. Thanks Andy for this post. Thought I had corrupted the thing, rebooted PC and still the same update screen hang up. At least I now know patience is the cure! Bless the good ship Avsim . I've got in too but everything is slow loading, network clogged up possibly, bailing out.
  9. Its that good I was left wishing my ancestors had been caught pilfering in "mi ladies chambers!" I have relatives in NZ that left the UK in the 60's, why my parents didn't join them 🙄 It's a lot better than Skeggy! Looks beautiful in the evening with the lighting, coastlines and fauna all been worked on, fantastic work guys @NZA
  10. @YoYo Thanks for bringing this bird to our attention, my favourite era pre & WW2. For a freebie she is top notch. @Chock Thanks for the tip on landing, after 3 nose plants I eventually nailed it, gotta keep that nose up!
  11. This is modelled well, got an electrical failure flying over the Lakes UK. No way of checking fuel, gauges INOP ,no charge from alternator. Emergency landing called for, or is it be a chicken and restart! Update; Landed in a field, good job Bijans bushes don't hurt!
  12. Reminds me of my youth, with Airfix kits hanging from the ceiling! Those new pilots in the Operational Training Units having to make do with the old clapped out models from the front line squadrons. But like this beauty you've highlighted, some get to live on.
  13. PR 19 for me Bob, or a PR Mossie, if DCS has one , we want one too!
  14. Cheers Glenn, its well explained not like my waffle.
  15. I thought Chock had achieved the cut out, if not then that needs a fix. I was asked about the prop, just gave my opinion. But all Mk1 RAF Spits would have relegated to OTU by 1941 for the Miss Schilling device time frame. I still think if it’s based on the Dunkirk Spit it won’t have CSU. But not wanting to bang on anymore! Peace ✌️ https://youtu.be/4iOoiEbtf2w
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