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  1. Hello everyone, ive installed a FSX addon with a cargo aircraft, However when taxiing to gate it appears theyre taxiing me to passenger terminals with jetways as if I was a passenger aircraft. I dont suppose anyone knows if this can be changed in the files somewhere what they regonise me as? Kindest Regards, Scott
  2. Hello, So basically just devide the number by 3 and put them into each tank Thank you for the help, Scott
  3. Hello, To up my realism in FSX ive turned off unlimited fuel and I want to start properly refuelling my aircrafts, So I went on a fuel planner on google and it told me my Fuel on board should be 10663 Pounds So I went into FSX to refuel my 737 however i noticed i have 3 tanks, Left, Centre and Right tanks, Im just wondering how you work out how you disripute the 10663 Pounds across them 3 tanks, Kindest Regards, Scott
  4. Oh My God im such an word not allowed. Ive been having this problem for months now and all along it was that button.. Thank you so much.
  5. Ive downloaded countless liveries for FSX SE and ive installed them in the right way and ive downloaded mods where the liveries download themselves etc etc etc. But for some reason the liveries never ever show. Base mods do but the liveries never work, I dont know what to try? I dont suppose anyone can help? Kindest thanks
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