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  1. I assume that when ATC asks you to descend via a transition for your airport then that is when you should descend. In MSFS 2020 I have a route from EGNX to EGNT and the minimum altitude is FL160. ATC ask me to descend to 2200 feet at POLIN which is far too early especially crossing hills and I would estimate it to be 60 miles from airport. Whilst TOD is indicated I understand ATC do not use that information but it was a lot more realistic point for descent.
  2. Thanks but I can't remember which one caused the problem and now, of course, I can't replicate the issue. If it occurs again I will obviously contact you. Thanks very much.
  3. Thank you Lestat11 for your reply. I have played about a bit more and realise I need to spend more time sorting out the flight plan in Navigraph but it has thrown up what could be my problem. I copied a route from Navigraph to the clipboard and imported it successfully into Pilot2ATC. Hurrah! Then I played about a bit in Pilot2ATC and decided to start again. I clicked on New Flight and tried to paste the plan in again (It was still on the clipboard). Pilot2ATC threw up an error message saying the format was not correct - please check. Obviously nothing had changed so I closed Pilot2ATC completely and restarted. This time the flight plan came in with no issues. It seems I need a new start each time to load a flight plan successfully.
  4. Has anyone successfully got all three packages to play together nicely? I can create a plan in SimBrief/Navigraph and export it as a .PLN file. This imports to MSFS 2020 without issue but importing it to Pilot2ATC throws up errors such as waypoints not recognised or no IFC approaches. If it doesn't throw an error then when the plan is filed the route is changed. If I try to work the other way then the .PLN file from Pilot2ATC imports to MSFS 2020 but is incomplete when imported to Navigraph. I am using the same airac and the latest version of FSUIPC7 (August 2021). I like using Navigraph/Simbrief for flight plan generation but also want the immersion Pilot2ATC creates.
  5. It could also be what I found is that there is a new version of FSUIPC7 (August 3rd) that solved that issue for me.
  6. Thanks very much. All those options were off although there now does not seem to be a 'Delegate ATC to AI' option in Sim update 5. However, I think the problem has been solved by installing the latest version of FSUIPC7.
  7. Brand new installation of MSFS 2020 ( with no changes to settings and Alpha flight control with thrustmaster rudder pedals. Latest version of Pilot2ATC (V2.6.2.3_x64_R2) EGKK to EBOS with auto plan and then filed and verified. Once connected to simulator No ATIS available. If I manually select ATIS the program puts me back to Ground. Selecting Clearance Delivery also sends me back to ground. No way to get IFR clearance. Same happens at EGLC. Using TBM 930 but also Daher 62. Not tried other airports.
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