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  1. Here’s the video of what it does to me on landing. Please note i am not touching anything to move the rudder it does it all on its own. Please someone help!!! (I’m playing on Xbox)!! https://youtube.com/shorts/cv07J2F6wLg?feature=share
  2. I have. RT and LT are the only buttons assigned to my rudder control.
  3. Every time I land my planes rudder gets pushed hard to the right or left causing me to get pushed off the the runway. The few times it doesn’t happen, it happens while I taxi after landing. Here’s a video. Please I’m desperate for help. https://youtube.com/shorts/TrvRkRmGJ0c?feature=share
  4. But sometimes it won’t swerve me off the runway. For example I just did a short flight the landing was straight the rudder wasn’t pulled but then on taxi the rudder started pulling itself to the right like crazy. What’s going on!
  5. Everything is set on ON for piloting and it still hasn’t fixed the issue.
  6. I have been playing FSM 2020 ever since I bought the new Xbox to run it on. I take off, cruise and decent. On landing as soon as the wheels touch down my plane gets pulled by the rudder either all the way to the left or right, throwing me off the runway making it a terrible landing. Yes I have atc clearance.I will then exit out that flight and spawn myself an approach and I will land and it will be perfect. The rudder doesn’t move and the plane stays straight. I’ve even tried turning the sensitivity on the rudder off and it still pushes me way right or left. And for the second thing. My plane has done this on landing and recently on take off where the entire plane shuts down. The cockpit goes dark. Every screen is off. I try turning the battery on and off snd it still doesn’t come back to life. I mainly fly the beach Air and I must say this has ruined my experience. I hope someone can help me resolve this.
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