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  1. G'day, i finally got back to this issue, I understand all the above but the windows training window didn't open, until (in advanced speech properties) i changed the language from US to UK then back to US again, all good after thank for the advise anyway
  2. I need a bit of help, i need to improve the voice recognition. i've completed the window 10 voice training, but it's still not corectly recognising some phrases, looking the the Pilot2ATC manual i go to grammer help and click on Personal grammer phrases, so far so good, after selecting a phrase you click train and the windows 10 trainer should pop up, but nothng happens. help??
  3. Just got home from work and tried it. all good now, I didn't realise that it needed to connect to a server to just start, now we know
  4. BTW, this is the log ( Program StartedPilot 2 ATC (P2A) - version 08/24/2021 20:20:43 )
  5. All has been working great, i hadn't flown in nearly a week, loaded up everything as per normal, Pilot2ATC starts ( i can see the small window for a split second) then it disapears, I look at task manager and it isn't there. no idea how to fix, any sugestions ?
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