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  1. Thanks very much. Can you send me a link where I can get that info because I'd love to play around it with various weights, runways and conditions. Also, I'm a bit confused though..... How did you get numbers above 775K lbs? Isn't that max structural weight?
  2. I'm about to purchase the PMDG and want to practice some V1 cuts at max structural TO weight (775,000), so I'm wondering what the minimum takeoff rwy for a a 777-300ER under the following?? 1) Standard conditions (Sea Level, 1013mb/29.92hg, 15C/59F) 2) Paved, level and dry rwy 3) Calm wind 4) Flaps 15 5) TO thrust with engine bleeds open and both packs off. Also.......would accelerate-stop be the most restricting in terms of runway length required or would it be accelerate-go....if you lost one right at V1? Anyone know what the min required takeoff runway would be for the same conditions above, but on a wet rwy? Thanks very much
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