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  1. Thats great but doesnt get passed the fact it is buggy and v1.6 has been touted for over 9 months now with FPVSteve setting his own released dates and missing those too as stated by the poster above
  2. So currently this product has a few issues and v1.6 has been touted for a long time but is yet to be realized. If you ask any questions abouts its release FPVSteve will ban you from the discord channel and remove your paid account. Personally if you have paid for this I dont think its unreasonable to ask when something is going to be released but he has a different opinion
  3. So just upgraded my PC to windows 11 and as a result the FS2C no longer starts nor data-proc. Once I uninstalled both PBE and FBW Project everything else ran like clockwork. I did try installing version 1.1 b4 but still had issues with command center loading. What actually happens is you get to 75% of loading from the flight plan and then it just sits at this point
  4. ok so have just tried the stable version of FBW and all is fine. But Dev is still the same. I guess it cant be used with dev?
  5. Thanks for your reply byork. I can confirm I have only 1 version installed. MS2020 had issues a few days ago so ended up doing a complete new install and the fs2crew apps with a couple of bit of scenery and FBW are the only things installed. I have tried clearing my community folder with FBW and doing a complete install but this does not seem to have resolved the issue
  6. I should add I am using the Dev FBW A320 if this makes any difference
  7. Hey Guys, Just installed the fs2crew A320 project for the first time and yes I have PBE installed aswell. However after installing project my cockpit is completely grey and unusable. Have tried loading without starting fs2 apps and still the same since the install Any idea what the fix is for this? Thanks in advance
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