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  1. Problem resolved, Reinstalled aircraft, removed .ini file from Documents_RXP folder, reinstalled and updated RXP GTN 750, didn't know about update. All working fine, thanks
  2. Hello, It's been a couple of days and I tried reinstalling the software (RXP and PC 12)and read protecting the file, didn't work. I check the .ini file before I load the aircraft and it shows Masterdevice =true after attempting to follow a GPS flight in the PC 12 the aircraft does not follow the course on Autopilot with GPS selected. That's when I know it's not working I check the settings in game and the Masterdevice is unchecked, then I check the .ini file, it shows "false". You mentioned aircraft loading and changing settings possibly or some other plug ins or scripts causing the problem. I'll look for the RXP log if it has one as well. Is there anything like scripts or how the aircraft reloads that I could investigate. I can look at .xml or any other code, just need an idea where to start if you have any. I don't think other PC 12 owners are having this problem, has to be my system, Windows 10, 64bit, 32 GB ram, 1080 Ti. Thanks for any help or ideas
  3. I checked and the file is not read only that option is unchecked. It looks like there is no GTN.defaults .ini folder as well. I think I'll just do an uninstall and reinstall of the software and see if that resolves the problem since it is not a settings issue unless there are some other steps I should take first. Thanks
  4. Hello all, I have the GTN 750 installed in the Carenado PC 12. Everything has been working great. The issue I'm having is the Master Device box seems to become unchecked somehow. I have to go into the setting and enable it each time I start the simulator to fly the aircraft. I'm using FSX SE. Is there a way that I can permanently enable this in the .ini file to keep the "MASTERDEVICE=True" setting no matter what unless I physically change it in the .ini file. Thanks
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