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  1. Yes, if that were possible, that would be fantastic. Because I have 2 monitors, I actually always use only the external panel but the option with the Marshaller is great 🙂
  2. Hello Byork 🙂 But this "turn point" flag (marshaller model) is only possible in the toolbar command center right? Not in the external panel? greetings Sarah
  3. I thought maybe Discord was triggering the problem. But as I said, I could not reconstruct it now 🤔
  4. Hi Dave, I wanted to intentionally reconstruct the problem today, however no matter what I tried, the problem does not occur. I just do not understand the problem. Yesterday I had it. Today not, until now. Neither with FS2Crew nor without. Then I thought to myself, maybe it is because of Discord. But also nothing. I do not understand 😄
  5. FS2Crew always has the mic on. I think that is the problem. Before I did not have it on and I think that then P2ATC would have worked. But I'll test it again in more detail and let you know 🙂
  6. No, that was a misunderstanding. It is only the loudest of P2ATC quieter. I turn it up to 100% and it goes back down to under 10% on its own BUT I think it's related to FS2Crew.
  7. But i have the same problem, and my setting is on "Do Nothing". 👀
  8. Hi Dave 🙂 It is strange, because if nothing has been changed there in the code, then it must be something else. Because as I said, with the default version it works. But I will try to find out what it is and let you know then 🙂 Sarah
  9. I have tried all of this, but nothing work. I think it's because of the beta. Because with the default version it works. However, with the default version I have the problem that the program freeze constantly 😞
  10. If you mean the Microsoft voices, then I use David, Zira and Hedda
  11. Hi Dave, I just wanted to let you know that the same problem is back today. But the setting in the control panel is as you said. kind regards 🙂 Note: I have now reinstalled the default version. so it works normally. I fly with the MSFS20 and have the following additional programs running: SimToolKitPro and FS2Crew FBW A320
  12. I have the same problem. But reinstall doesnt help. My volume turns always from 100% to 30% in the soundbar.
  13. Yes that helped 🙂 Thanks a lot 😉
  14. As of today, whenever I try to open P2ATC, I get a Database Error message. I do not know why, because I have not changed anything. What can I do? I have already reinstalled. Thanks a lot
  15. Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to insert a dark map? I use the sim and therefore P2ATC often in the evening and at night, so a dark map would be quite pleasant for the eyes. 🙂 Thanks in advance and best regards
  16. Hi Byork, of course... why not 🙂
  17. Hello, i have a question... is it possible to add a female pilot voice? Thank you in advance 🙂 Kind regards Sarah
  18. Oh ok ... thank you for your help. I will try this 🙂
  19. yes i heard the welcome from the purser. but after this. it is quiet. only my FO talks to me 😄
  20. i can hear the question for boarding at minute 19 i think
  21. i cant hear taxi, meals, arrival, ... all sounds in the PA folder. 🤥
  22. Hello Byork 🙂 thank you for your help 🙂 So i have to trigger the announcement? TY 🙂
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