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  1. To be fair, a lot of Level D, Directive 2-compliant boxes do not have the visual fidelity of P3D....are they not "serious"? I have gotten type ratings in sims that only have night visuals.
  2. Boy, gotta remember keep my opinions to myself here, a guy can get cancelled right quick.
  3. It does look absolutely fantastic out of the box, and I have only flown the included aircraft, but the user experience - menus, key bindings, fussing around getting my rudders to work (Saitek, still haven't got them working), sound, flight models -to name a few items...just aren't working for me. I'm happy you are enjoying it, and I certainly didn't mean to ruffle any feathers or trigger anyone, just relaying my disappointment in the functionality of a new sim that I had high hopes for. I do like P3D better (easy there now, my opinion only), but I do have many thousands into it and most all my flying has been IFR/airliner stuff....maybe I'll get used to MSFS after they fix some stuff...it took me a long time to warm to FSX when it first came out, too.
  4. More like thousands and thousands.....and I'm sure a hefty investment in add-ons for MSFS will eventually apply enough lipstick for it to become acceptable, too.
  5. I just bought the GOTY edition, and as a simmer for the last 35 years, I am disappointed....appalled really, at how rubbish MSFS is. I waited over a year hoping most of the bugs would get worked out, but other than the stunning visuals, this is not a serious sim. I guess the fact that it was designed as a game for a console should have been a clue.... Oh, well, back to P3D.
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