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  1. @Rafal sorry, I'm quite new to the forums, I'll make sure to not do it again!
  2. thank you very much! I think I might stick to P3D v4.5 until X-Plane 12 comes out!
  3. S So that means there's no addon which modifies the volumetric clouds to make them look better, correct?
  4. Hi! currently, I have ENVTEX and ASCA which I used in P3D v4.5. After switching to v5, I'm wondering whether using one or both of them will improve the look of the volumetric clouds in P3D v5. Some help would be appreciated!
  5. Will using Vsync improve the smoothness? I haven't tried it before.
  6. I have a GTX 1650Ti coupled with a Ryzen 5 4600h processor in my laptop and 8GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM (I plan to upgrade to dual-channel 16GB RAM soon). I have been running P3D v4.5 till now with good performance. I'm thinking of switching to P3D v5.2, but I'm not sure if it will run smoothly on my laptop. My laptop is slightly better than the "minimum requirements" for P3D v5 and is DX 12 compatible. Please advise me on whether I can P3D v5 smoothly or not, as I'm not able to find a clear answer.
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