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  1. I have been flight-simming for over twenty years, and at one time started taking flying lessons in a Cessna 172N until I ran out of flying lessons money. I ran FSX on my PC for many years, and then switched over to Prepar3D. I now run P3DV5.2. I am interested in MSFS 2020, because I liked what I saw in the previews, and I like the fact that the new MSFS has a dedicated support and development team. It is my opinion that MSFS 2020 has awesome graphics, and a lot of time and energy invested in the aerodynamics of how a simulator should perform, I believe MSFS 2020 has a lot of promise, and very well may be the best flight simulator on the market, after all of the bugs are worked out, one day. How long will that take? Who knows? I would love to hear what the community has to say about MSFS 2020 and its future.
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