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  1. Hi Tony, Thanks for reply. Yes I also did an update on PF3 recently and your observation looks very logic. And now as you said, I remember that I had the same situation, where for example approach said tower on 118.1, but F.O types 1118.5 instead. Obviously landing with lost communications is executed then 😊 I am sure Gerald and Dave will sort this out, just a question of time. Viktor.
  2. Hello pilots, Well, lately I have noticed, that I am having an issue with FO radio transmissions not being heard by PF3, and before I will start reinstalling everything, I thought I will better ask if someone is experiencing something similar and knows how to cure that? Here's what's basically happening. I am flying in P3D and MSFS, using MCE and PF3 all together. Mostly flying only two aircrafts, PMDG 737NGXu and Majestic Q400. All of the mentioned are latest versions and I always trying to keep everything up to date. Well, everything goes well, while I am still on the ground, FO does all the communications well and everything just works fine. Until I take off... I have noticed, that very often know, almost every flight, when I am handed over to departure, center/control, I see that FO is changing the frequency on the radio, establishes a verbal connection, but it appears, that it is not heard by PF3 and I end up getting a call "Traffic at flight level XXX, squawking XXXX, contact... etc." Then FO does it again and it only works sometimes, but most of the time, I need to press 0, which is check in Hot key for PF3. This is a little bit annoying, as I need to look after all situation and especially harder, when this happens on hand over to approach, where things are getting busy. I understand it might be issues with PF3, so it would be worth to ask Dave on his forum also, but for some reason I felt like I want to ask you guys in here, first 😊 So if anyone knows what's going on here, I would like to know it too. Thanks in advance! Viktor.
  3. Gerald, One of the reason why everyone likes MCE, is that you provide superb and very fast feedback on any case on this forum! Apart from that, I simply could not imagine anymore flying complex aircraft, without MCE interference. I understand, that now many software developers are concentrated on making stuff for MSFS and that's normal, you need to keep moving forward with the rest of the world. I also have MSFS and many addons already for it, but still holding it back. Things just don't work well for me there as it works in good old time trusted simulator and addons. In any case, thanks for quick response. I think I just need to fly and learn Majestix Q400 a little bit more and find some tricks, that will make it work more smoother with MCE regarding those panels. I don't want them to appear at all, as I prefer VC. So it's ok to keep them 100% transparent. And regarding radio, I think I figured it out and it works properly now. Regards, Viktor.
  4. Hello, Well this topic is quite old, but that's exactly what I was looking for. Recently I've just added another great airplane to my fleet and that's Majestic Q400. I was immediately impressed about this plane and performance. And obviously, could not imagine flying it without MCE first officer. I've got a pro version, that comes with 2D panels and experiencing more or less same issues and was wondering what is the current situation with this airplane and MCE? If to be specific, two biggest issues for me is those popping up panels and COM1 that FO controls. While panels can be set to 100% transparent, that only reduces half of the problem. Not being able to control anything else with the mouse while FO is doing his flows, is a little bit annoying. It's not that critical lets say for example to switch something on or off while taxing, but sometimes it's needed to activate free look with mouse and that just doesn't work well, when FO is messing around with invisible panels. Another thing that I can't figure out, is why FO is dialing frequencies via FMS and not on ARCDU? It doesn't matter which mode I select on ARCDU FO still uses FMS to dial frequency. But the thing is that he is not doing it right all the time and I need to double check him. So just wondering if there has been any bigger changes since last post, that would make piloting Q400 more smoother together with MCE? I am on P3D V4.5 HF3 and also using PF3 together. I really loved that plane, but no plane is as good to fly without MCE FO, so hope to hear some good news or advices on this case 😌 Regards, Viktor.
  5. Hello guys, I also want to get my co-pilot back to 737, but I can't download the patch. Download does not start when I press the link and it says that it contains insecure content. I know it's safe, cause you all downloaded it. I've tried to disable antivirus and gave site permissions, but still nothing. Is there a trick for that or what I am doing wrong? Regards, Viktor.
  6. I am on PF3, which works pretty well with MCE and if there's a problem, the support is instant from Gerald and Dave on PF3 forum. So for me it's pretty decent. What ever you feel about us, "simmer", doesn't really change the way we enjoy simulation 😉
  7. Hi Gerald, Thanks for a quick reply! Now I remember where did my memories came from. It was possible with CRJ in MSFS and it's describe in the file using MCE with MSFS. Later on my MSFS required 16 GB update which I was not able to complete at the time and switch back to P3D. However, now wandering what is the difference that only MSFS has such a functionality? Would you consider to add this to P3D also? That would be cool. Sometimes I like to switch the view to FO and do radio handling by my self. But since another pilot cannot fly the airplane, sometimes it becomes too overloaded to handle the radios and piloting NGX, despite the fact, that the more I study MCE, for more comfortable I feel flying 😊 Regards, Viktor.
  8. Hello, I am not sure if I am mixing things up with something else, but for some reason I believe, that in some MCE file I was reading that you can handle the flying to FO. Phrases sit in my head like "you have controls" or "you fly the aircraft". I scrolled through all command files and associated PMDG 737 NGX files (I fly mostly it now in P3D4), but can't find it anymore. Only that you can handle the radios to him. So is this my imagination because I've seen it somewhere else or MCE has such a function? If so could someone please remind me in which file I could read about that? Regards, Viktor.
  9. Hello pilots, Have a question about Pilot2ATC and from the title you can probably guess what it is. I've tried demo version and really liked how it worked with AS CRJ in MSFS and some GA aircraft, so thinking about obtaining full license for it. However, my job required me to leave my home for few months and while most of the gear travels with me for flying, unfortunately internet doesn't 😔 I do have access for it, but it's supper slow and unreliable. But it's enough to launch MSFS and then I simply switch it off. I know that Pilot2ATC also needs internet for activating it and starting, but maybe it would run later without internet after loading the flight plan for example? Just a thought, but that would be great if it would... 🙄 Regards, Viktor.
  10. Hi Gerald, Thanks for your help. Yes I did checked that topic that you suggested and many many others everywhere on internet. How ever, I just found what was the problem yesterday! Surprisingly, it was PF3 and MSFS! 🤗 So here's what was happening: I was flying with native MSFS ATC window opened and was monitoring what was happening there also. It appears that even if you switch off all AI assistance (for radios and piloting), it anyway sometimes does speak to native ATC. But obviously it is muted. So when I was approaching the airport and was instructed to contact approach by PF3 for example on 124.7, at the same time native MSFS approach frequency was 120.7. But things here still worked ok. And when instructed to contact tower on lets say 118.5 it might have been the same frequency, but the trick was hidden in the PF3 hot keys. In the PF3 displayer you can see what you can do with hot keys with the current frequencies and for the tower, to initiate contact and request clearance to land is hot key No.1 But it appears, that on native ATC window, selection no.1 is approach frequency for that airport! So when FO or my self is asking for clearance to land, PF3 assumes you are hitting how key no.1 or does actually hit it secretly for you. And because in MSFS keyboard control those numbers are also assigned to native ATC, you are basically doing two things simultaneously - requesting clearance and changing frequency immediately. Solution for that is to go to keyboard controls and remove all bindings to the native ATC which are from 1-9 😊 Tested this few times already and now it works absolutely perfect. Even with data base for MSFS. The boys are back in cockpit again 😏 Can't express how happy I am to solve this problem! Hope somebody else will also find this useful. Now it's time to train my computer to understand me better and keep talking a lot in the air! Once again thanks for you help, Gerald! Regards, Viktor.
  11. Ok, so here's something else 🙂 I did few more test flight and this time, kept native ATC window always open. I have all AI assistance turned off in the sim. However, I can see that sometimes frequencies mismatch what PF3 gives me and what's in the sim. Shouldn't they be the same, as I have rebuilt data base for MSFS? So when this happens, after approach is handing me over to tower, as soon as I make first contact, radios tune automatically to sim frequency. Sometimes it's a frequency of near by airport tower. And it can happen multiple times until stabilizing on tower, but it's always too late. Not sure when exactly, but I think in the sim ATC window, there is still some communication going on with ATC and ghost co pilot. And while it's still happening, radio tunes automatically. I think it happens until "radar service terminated", or something. I've seen this issue also reported on other forums and this is a big issue also when flying on VATSIM. Now it is getting really annoying, as every flight, doesn't matter IFR or VFR is messed up at the end...
  12. Hi John, I have also recent started to use MCE for training my self to speak to ATC. When flying GA, just when you start flight and MCE, make sure you have "co-pilot can handle the radio if busy" switched off. Also before getting in touch with ATC tell him that you handle the radios. He should not be interfering then and communication with ATC is all yours. Just remember, if you will ask him to reply to ATC or request something from it, he will take charge of ATC again and you will nee to take it back. And for the other things like autopilot, flaps or gear, just don't ask him anything and it will be all yours also. Personally for me with MSFS it doesn't work well. Sometimes frequencies on arrival keeps changing by it self. And I found out, that those frequencies are from P3D data base. It works very well with P3D. But I am not sure hot to set MCE to read data from MSFS. Hope that helps, enjoy your GA flying. Viktor.
  13. Ok, so I checked what was going on with my PF3 database and yes it was data for P3D. So I have rebuilt it for MSFS. Did few flights and need to say there were some changes. Now every flight is ok when getting clearance, taking off, connecting to departure, centre/control and approach. FO does everything right, changes frequencies and gets in touch with controllers. But landings are still the same. When cleared for ILS approach and instructed to contact tower on frequency when established, FO does not tune to tower and does not initiate contact. But I was wondering if MCE does that like PF3 co pilot does it if set to co pilot mode 2? Or FO in MCE is just waiting for captains command to tune to tower and command to request clearance to land? How ever, even if I tell him to do that, after asking for clearance radio tunes to other frequency. Need to mention here, that when I check frequencies in PF3 displayer, such a frequency does not exist. So I check in P3D and it was frequency for approach! So you were right about MCE using frequencies from P3D. As I have mentioned before, it appeared that I was running on P3D data base when I've noticed that issue. So after rebuilding database issue is still there. I tried to take over radios before arrival and still same thing was happening. But one test was very strange. Radios was on me, and when tuned to tower, I just pressed PPT button, but said nothing, just to see what's going to happen. Obviously there was nothing back from the tower, but radios have changed frequency again automatically! So I am completely confused, what is doing that thing... 🤔 I was thinking maybe it's an issue with CRJ, but I also did tests with MSFS Cessna 172 and it was still happening. It's really confusing, as flights now are getting better, but I know that every time it will be partly ruined by this issue on finals... 😞 That's it for now from my test flights. Will report if will find something else. Viktor.
  14. Good day Gerald and thanks for you quick reply! I think you hit the right point with rebuilding PF3 data base. Looks like I am still running in Legacy mode, as I had never rebuild data for MSFS 🤔 I've started to use MCE straight with CRJ in MSFS after seeing many tutorial videos of them both in action together. What i will try, is to make a flight in P3D and see how things are going there. But I don't have CRJ in there only other third party aircrafts, so it might not be the same results. But at least something to start with. Later I'll try to rebuild PF3 data base for MSFS and see if any changes appear. As for FO support in CRJ, most of the things work fine. Sometimes when reading checklist, for example "after start checklist", when asking about generators, I am answering auto, and that's ok, but when it comes to "bleed valves" which should also be answered auto, FO always is asking "are you sure" or "please double check". And it doesn't matter how many times I am trying to spell it correctly, I always end up skipping the item. There are also some other items behaving the same from the check list, but can remember which, at the moment. Oh and by the way, one more, that has never worked properly with CRJ in MSFS but works fine in P3D with other aircraft. When I ask to engage VS mode, he does that, but doesn't matter what changes I ask, he always sets it to "nose up". For example if I say vertical speed down-minus 1000, he will set it plus/up 1000. And if I am trying to correct him, by saying it again, he just adds another 1000 on top and I end up plus/up 2000 feet and so on. That function never worked for me properly and I am always handling vertical speeds by my self. That's it for the moment that I can think is making small negative influence on the flight. Hope that helps to improve things. Regards, Viktor.
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