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  1. After an absence of 15 years or so, MSFS 2020 caught my interest so I decided to give it a try. My old and dusty CH Products yoke, pedals, and throttle quadrant were no longer up to the task so I got the Logitech G setup; yoke and throttle, radio, multi, and switch panels. They worked out of the box with MSFS 2020, but it took a little research and effort to get them working with FSX, I'm even giving the X-Plane demo a try and got them working there as well. A long time ago (from the mid-90's on), I was pretty involved in the FS community, I wrote some addons that were distributed by a company called Abacus: CoPilot Pro, EZ-GPS, and Airport and Scenery Designer. I did some work with a great simmer named Konstatin Kukushkin, Does anybody know if he's still around? In any event, I'm retired now and having quite a bit of fun learning MSFS 2020 and revisiting FSX.
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