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  1. Hi.. cant get the auto pilot to follow the flight plan on the G650...Trying to just find someone that has one that works? thanks
  2. garmin 650 will not follow the flight plan.... goes to the first waypoint then thats it ... only with the G1000 s,,, the cessna 172 with steam gauges work fine, try the c172 G1000 or cirrus jet and it dont work.. Yes, its in GPS not vlog. thanks
  3. On my xplane 11, I go to the plugins on top left, find the Garmin 650 touch then set it to Master, Then I go down a bit an open the "settings" ... the master switch is ok but the others below that have a red paddle lock next to it... " connect auto pilot" etc. it only happens on one airplane,,, the others work ok? thanks
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