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  1. Don't worry, I won't be bothering with this any more either. Not worth putting up with a product that keeps getting worse waiting for better times with "the crew" happily defending the sacrifices we are forced to make. Moving on to more pleasant and productive things in life.
  2. REX? METAR? No thanks, I want the live weather engine back from release as advertised. Weather changing seamlessly with great cloud depiction based on a global forecast model. That is what I paid for and what impressed me the most, for the first year at least. And why was my previous post removed? Seems this place is also turning into the official forums where people abuse the flagging system for the slightest remark. As I said before my post was removed, addon developers get special treatment with direct access to Asobo while users have to go through community managers. Many feeling unheard.
  3. Sure I can easily do it using a preset. Explains so much about the current situation. Do you think people including me started out with aggressive tones? No it was a gradual process with one silly bug or design decision after another. And now that we reached a tipping point even more bug reports will be ignored because people are fed up and lashing out. I can only put the blame on one person for this, and he will be sitting there smiling on the left during the next Q&A.
  4. Apparently so - let us know when you find them and where.
  5. Another typical example of the simplistic 3-layer clouds I was talking about that you see all over now. Where is the high level cirrus overcast with none of the cumulus and stratus mashup below? That is either a preset or not taken with the current build. If you can provide a location I will go check and see for myself. It takes a mature dev to look past the emotion and see what the actual problem is. Dismissing them based on tone is just another unprofessional form of generalisation and I know it better attitude.
  6. What is your source? I'm looking at the end results ito realistic cloud shapes. Why did live weather suddenly go from variety to the same cloud types all over after SU7? Did Asobo forget how to interpret the cloud data? The cloud layers are simplistic compared to before. Have you seen any high level overcast recently? Anything can be satisfying if one doesn't know of better. Few are still left from that time, most have probably moved on to better and more fruitful things in life after realizing it's a hopeless case. I remember happily filling out zendesk reports as detailed as I could thinking they really wanted to improve this sim to its full potential. How naive I was.
  7. Ah the deflection with a joke tactic, nice. Usually means there is some truth behind it. Why not explain to us in detail how it works instead of vague responses and sarcastic comebacks? Do they enjoy watching people guessing and speculating? Quite disrespectful to testers and users in general.
  8. I simply departed a random airport with cloudy weather. This is more or less the same view I always get once outside the haze and rain. SU10 beta was used. How far can that go with the forcing of metar into the picture? Where is meteoblue in all of this? Why are they no longer sending detailed cloud information for Asobo to use? Why are they so reluctant to talk about the weather? All very suspicious.
  9. Yeah of course it does, what an easy cop out. Focusing on MSFS here, my expectations were met with the initial live weather engine. Now I don't know what it is. Fluff that really means there is no money in it for them so why spend resources on it. Interesting watching people speak before and after they become employed by MS. Oh the irony...
  10. Wow look, I had the same weather as you guys! Must be a global phenomenon. Oh no, explosions on the ground! Dazzling cirrus(?)! ... The live weather engine is a mashup of the same cookie cutter clouds over and over and people are too blinded by filters and rain to see it. What a sad state of affairs.
  11. Of course I tried the beta. I've been with this sim since the beginning, you don't have to spin for me. "Sorry about the simplified cloud variety and degraded visuals, but hey, the temperature and winds match the METAR to the dot!" Asobo (MS?) giveth with one hand and taketh with the other.
  12. No I'm not misunderstanding the situation at all. The live weather engine is going in the wrong direction. Each time I see a beautiful cloud filled sky irl I'm reminded how MSFS once was. The lighting, the cloud details, clouds that looked like clouds and not weak transparent puffs, turbulence in the clouds...my word it's so depressing. I so want to return to that weather in the simulator. Then to add insult to injury we have guardians writing long speeches almost congratulating themselves telling us how beautiful and realistic the weather is, failing to see what is wrong in their own images, and how it's all going in the right direction. Are the original devs proud of this or have they been replaced? If it was me I would hate to see something that was once awesome turned into a clown show.
  13. Please, enough already. Save it for the gullible.
  14. Those saying the current weather engine has improved a lot is either in denial or haven't used MSFS daily since 2020. At this point all I can do is laugh in despair.
  15. Yeah sadly it's profits over passion for quality and high standards, and that's a good thing they will tell you. Lower your expectations so the companies can churn out more low quality stuff. Be part of the group having casual fun. Don't be one of those serious old elitists pretend flying in their home cockpits, haha!
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