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  1. Thanks for the replies. I ultimately reset the MSFS app as nothing else was working. Downloaded files for about 2 hours. That got me back in and it's worked perfectly since.
  2. Hi - In search of suggestions with a new problem encountered today with MSFS2020. I've had the sim since August'21 and have not encountered any major issues until today. This morning I did a flight which went perfectly. This afternoon, the sim won't load. I've been troubleshooting and searching forums for suggestions, but nothing has helped yet. The sim gets stuck on screen that says New Activities at top while loading. The blue bar at bottoms completes progress, but program never proceeds to next page. I've let it run for 30 minutes, and it stays stuck on the New Activities page. Graphics card (RTX3070) and Windows 10 are updated. I'm signed into Xbox account. USB devices (other than keyboard and mouse) are unplugged. Good internet connection. Community folder is empty. Nothing that I can see changed on computer from flight this morning when everything worked perfectly. I'm really hoping I'm not left with re-installing the sim. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
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