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  1. Does anyone still have a copy of this file?
  2. here is the setup if anyone needs it: [Vcockpit31] Background_color = 0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$MV_WXM //gauge00=MV_WX!WX, 0,0,512,361 gauge00=RolasnRadar!ORadGauge, 0,0,512,361, starton|sweep|beam|icing gauge01 = CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard RADAR, 0,0,512,361
  3. Hello, I have added Roland's weather radar to my lear 35a, but cannot figure out how to modify the Falcon 50 panel.cfg to get the radar to install and work. Any ideas or panel samples that are successfully installed and working? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I have figured out how to add Roland's weather radar to the lear35a, but have not got it to work in the Falcon 50. Does anyone have a panel.cfg sample that works for them when they add it to the Falcon 50? Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I am using FSX Steam and am using the latest version of Lear and expansion pack. The error message is: Setup cannot create the following folder: %FSX:SEUninstallFolder%.
  6. Hello, When I try to install the Lear 35 FMS expansion pack I get the following error message. Any suggestions or fixes?
  7. Hello, Does the Falcon 50 use navigraph data and can it be updated from Navigraph? I have searched but cannot find this out. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I am using FSX - Steam Edition with the following addons: FSUIPC (paid version) GSX Ultimate traffic Live Active Sky 2016 for FSX PF3 Carenado addon aircraft Premier 1A Windows 10 I create flight plans from simbrief, download them, place them in my documents Flight Simulator X folder, start FSX, go to free flight, "flight Planner" click "load" and load the flight plan that I just downloaded from simbrief. I have FSX transport my aircraft to the airport, plug in all of the waypoints and altitude into the FMC (Proline 21) and start the flight. I then often will save midflight and exit FSX. Upon loading my saved flight from FSX, I get the error message "error loading gps engine, the flight plan will not be used." I then load the saved flight and all of my data in the FMC is gone. Does anyone know how to fix this so that I may save a flight, come back to it and have all of my waypoints, SID/STAR data and altitudes, etc., saved so I can continue my flight. I appreciate any help with this topic. I have googled it and searched but have not found a solution. Thanks,
  9. Hello, After take off, the ATC (using radar Contact 4) states that they have not received a squawk from my transponder. Is there anyway to set my transponder or squawk using this aircraft? Thanks,
  10. Awesome. Thank you for your responses. I guess I was used to the default MS FSX version that gave you turn by turn directions. At least I know its more realistic and working. Once again, thanks. 😀
  11. Mr. Harrison, You are correct. It does all what you say, but does not provide any verbal headings while flying. Thanks.
  12. Hello, Thanks for the responses. Concerning your questions: Mr. Proudfoot, please see the flight plan below:
  13. Hello, I just downloaded Radar Contact 4 (RC4) for FSX Steam, installed it with no problem and it is working in FSX. My only question is that I am using Simbrief.com to generate flight plans, and downloading the flight plan as the FSX/P3D version. Once I depart the airport, I noticed that RC4 does not give me any headings in which to fly. When I used RC4 with the FSX flight plans, I was provided detailed altitude and heading directions by the ATC. I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong when I create the flight plan with simbrief, but i would like to have the ATC go back to providing detailed heading information. Altitude directions are being provided such as "climb to flight level 350, etc" What am i doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.
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