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  1. Hello, I am using FSX - Steam Edition with the following addons: FSUIPC (paid version) GSX Ultimate traffic Live Active Sky 2016 for FSX PF3 Carenado addon aircraft Premier 1A Windows 10 I create flight plans from simbrief, download them, place them in my documents Flight Simulator X folder, start FSX, go to free flight, "flight Planner" click "load" and load the flight plan that I just downloaded from simbrief. I have FSX transport my aircraft to the airport, plug in all of the waypoints and altitude into the FMC (Proline 21) and start the flight. I then often will save midflight and exit FSX. Upon loading my saved flight from FSX, I get the error message "error loading gps engine, the flight plan will not be used." I then load the saved flight and all of my data in the FMC is gone. Does anyone know how to fix this so that I may save a flight, come back to it and have all of my waypoints, SID/STAR data and altitudes, etc., saved so I can continue my flight. I appreciate any help with this topic. I have googled it and searched but have not found a solution. Thanks,
  2. Awesome. Thank you for your responses. I guess I was used to the default MS FSX version that gave you turn by turn directions. At least I know its more realistic and working. Once again, thanks. 😀
  3. Mr. Harrison, You are correct. It does all what you say, but does not provide any verbal headings while flying. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Thanks for the responses. Concerning your questions: Mr. Proudfoot, please see the flight plan below:
  5. Hello, I just downloaded Radar Contact 4 (RC4) for FSX Steam, installed it with no problem and it is working in FSX. My only question is that I am using Simbrief.com to generate flight plans, and downloading the flight plan as the FSX/P3D version. Once I depart the airport, I noticed that RC4 does not give me any headings in which to fly. When I used RC4 with the FSX flight plans, I was provided detailed altitude and heading directions by the ATC. I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong when I create the flight plan with simbrief, but i would like to have the ATC go back to providing detailed heading information. Altitude directions are being provided such as "climb to flight level 350, etc" What am i doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.
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