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  1. Thanks for the quick replay. The topic is not that I am not able to turn on or off the Switch. I can do it with the mouse, but I want to have it on a switch on my throttle quadrant (later on a swich panel) to train the pre flight procedures. The other swiches are not the problem to click with the mouse and I also can configure them but not the Avionics Master. But one position of the pre flight check list of the real PA28-161 Warrior II is "Avionics Master Switch on" and this is important, because in reality when you turn on the Avionics before you start the engine, you kill the avionics while starting the engine. (or you have a high risk to do so, I never test it 😉 and I don't want to do it). This is the reason why I want to have the switch on a physical switch to have a most realistiy pre flight procedure and shuting down procedure. best wishes Heiko
  2. Hi, I am new here, and I come because of an advice of a Just Flight employee. The topic is the Avionic Master Switch. You can't switch the switch on or off with configured keys or buttons. You are just able to toggle it by mouse click. Furthermore you only get the switch clicked from the right seat perspective. This is really bad when you want to start in the cold and dark mode. So when configure a key on the keyboard or a button an the Yoke and press the configured button nothing happend, just the Ampermeter flickers a little bit for a millisecond when I press the key, like turning on the avionic, but it didn't turned on or off. I have a video displaying this, but I don't know how to insert. As a responds from Just Flight I get the following mail: I hope you can help me, get rid of this bug. I looked at Doug Dawson's home page, but had no idea what to do. Thanks in advance Best regards Heiko
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