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  1. Hi Dave, for some reason now every time I try to ask for IFR clearance I jsut get this message: TAM Three Six Three you don't have your IFR clearance yet. Please advise when ready to copy. What im doing wrong here ? Thanks
  2. Hi Dave, How do I start using a gate ? I tried to set it up in the INFO after clicking in the airport but doest seen to be saving or working.. If i load a flight plan done (even using the gate in the INFO) it starts in the runway and if i try to manually set the gate in the msfs, it changes all my flight plan. Thank you
  3. Yes, Dave apologize i'm new to this simulation world. I'm loving the software congrats !
  4. Ok, passed this.. Now Im stuck on this One Roger, report downwind runway Zero Seven ~Will report downwind Zero Seven ED One Tried all the possible ways and keep getting ths: I One This is SHANNON Approach on One Two One Decimal Four Please repeat your request. Check your frequency and your request and try again. I One Im in the right frequency already.
  5. Dave, There is a way to perfrom MISSED APPROACH and REQUEST NEW APPROACH using the say it for me ? Cant really find this here. Thanks
  6. Hi Dave, i'm trying but I keep getting this: ED One is missed approach; ED One This is CORK Approach on One One Niner Decimal Niner Please repeat your request. Check your frequency and your request and try again. ED One
  7. Hi Dave, quick question. How do we report a missed approach in Pilot2AT ? I checked here and not quite sure the right steps. Will the software coordinate with me the new headings in case I can report a missed approach ? Thank you
  8. I think I manage to to update the SIM and PILOT2AT Using the same AIRAC cycle. I may be doing someting really silly here but the DME Localizer still in a wrong frequencie. https://ibb.co/TvC474Z https://ibb.co/VjS66k0 https://ibb.co/gwJQZfX
  9. You guys are stars. The mistake was leaving blank the patch. Thank you so much.
  10. Hey Dave, thank you for your reply again. I have the ultimate subscription for Navigraph using the last cycle here. Would you mind telling me how to MSFS and P2A be in the same AIRAC cycle using Navigraph ? Again, thank you for your help.
  11. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. I'm very well ok with the cesna. Actually I indeed find the issue, in the Pilot2ATC the ISL Frequency for the Airport in question is showing different number from the FS2020. Thanks for your time
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to integrate AT Chater with the Pilot2AT. Not sure why, cant see the Defaul region or either make it work. What im doing wrong please ? Root Folder: C:\Pilot2ATC_2020_x64\Sounds\ATC_Chatter\Regions\Europe https://ibb.co/qjs53Jq https://ibb.co/KLQys1h Thanks !
  13. Hi guys, i'm testing the Pilot2ATC to see if I will buy it. So far i'm loving it. I just cant realize why I cant land using ILS. When using GPS all goes right and leave me direct to the airfield. When I turn on the cdi TO LOC1 and Approach on, the airplane moves to the oposite way and keep going forever in the oposite way. Probably something really silly, but just cant find why. Could someone give me a light here please ? https://ibb.co/bs5Hzd1 https://ibb.co/NnRH3zL https://ibb.co/HTWHs1k Attached screenshots
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