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  1. I have been through several tutorials on setting up the honeycomb bravo throttle quadrant - bought 3/22 - and the altitude adjust does not work on autopilot panel although it does work in the 172 g1000. Have been over it several times and still doesn't work. I like carenado planes - the look of them and the feel of them (used to own a 1975 182) but they are so buggy all the time and I have had no luck in getting the avionics and autopilot to work for more than a few weeks at a time a time until another updated thru the market place. very very frustrating and I don't really recommend them because they are so buggy even tho I have 3 of them. anybody else have this problem with the bravo???
  2. reinstalled my seneca, 182 and mooney . the 182 g1000 screens would go blank randomly all the time ruining the flight, drove me crazy making me avoid the sim all together. Also, the 182 g1000 screens would go blank randomly all the time ruining the flight. Reinstall was done after the latest update in the marketplace. I used to own a 182 in the real world and these planes were so bad that it ruined my virtual flying. Hope is fixed now. also the mooney and 182 autopilots were glitchy and would veer off randomly, last flight also showed normal autopilot function so far. will update in a few days about how it is going.
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