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  1. Works like a charm now. Actually, I'm blown away from the first impression (only ground ops). Especially didn't expect such an amount of possible malfunctions and an implemented performance calculation. Compares pretty well even to the FlightDeck Sim (which is at a pretty good Sim IMHO). Congrats from a "real" A320-pilot, really great job you've done there 👍
  2. Hi Aamir, it's great to see that you are offering such a good customer service! Appreciate that!
  3. I installed FS2020 on drive "F:" instead of C Unfortunately, I cannot get Fenix A320 to install - I always get the error message "community packages path of microsoft flight simulator not found". FS2020 is patched to the latest version and the directory "F:\ProgramData\MS.Flight Simulator\Community" exists (and is also correctly shown in the FS DEV Tab). Anyone else having this problem and any idea how to get the installer running? Any help would be greatly appreciated - can't wait to go airborne 😉
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