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  1. At least you have something partly showing. I got in it yesterday and the FCU panel was blank. I tried pulling breakers to do a reset, just like in the real plane, and nothing. Frustrating!
  2. All set! Got the thrust levers all sorted out. I was starting to lose faith! Thanks guys! I have a PC in the full flight sim next week and wanted to go through some failures. I put myself into the ELEC EMER Config (AC1 and AC2 BUS failure) and it's pretty true to life. I screwed up and put the gear down rather early and naturally ended up in Direct Law which increased my work load a bit. Also, very tough to do these procedures single pilot!!! Thanks again for getting me sorted out with the thrust levers!!! I'm very grateful.
  3. Alright, HUGE help!!! Thank you all !!! My thrust levers are moving finally. However, even with the MSFS calibration with everything following the Fenix guide, the thrustlevers move but as soon as I get them out of the idle detent they go to FLX/MCT very quickly. That's after doing the calibration in the MCDU. Any thoughts?
  4. Can you expand on where to set the axis to "Throttle" and not "Throttle 0-100%" ? I'm having the same problem with the TM TCA Airbus quadrant, everything is functional except the thrust levers in the sim. I'm bouncing between the mcdu, MSFS control options, Windows USB game controller. The USB game controller in Windows shows the thrust levers moving just fine. Is there a detailed guide on how to get the thrust levers to move in the sim?
  5. Fenix A320 is my latest Airbus. I was very excited about it until I tried to get my TM TCA quadrant thrust levers to work : ( I have the full quadrant with both add-on on each side (gear, flaps, speed brake etc). I've gone in the MCDU to calibrate the trust levers and it just shows 0% when I move them into each requested detent. When I move the levers, I hear and see the N1 gauges go up and then back down, but the levers in the cockpit do not move. I've tried MSFS's control options making sure there are no keyboard, mouse or stick power management options clicked--only the quadrant. Any ideas on how to get my physical thrust levers to move the sim's levers? I put in a support ticket, but I just can't wait anymore lol.
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