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  1. So no one fly with C90B V2 anymore??... i love this bird but with this problem to set Altitude make me cant fly...
  2. i make a simple video for you guys undestand what i sayied about alt Knob...
  3. Hello.... i just start to fly with Carenado C90B V2 and i cant set my cruise altitude for example i want to fly about FL180 i turn up alt Knob but the altitude doesn´t change quickly for example from 0000 i scroll alt knob to up and altitude go to up fast make me cant select wish altitude i want to fly correcly if i try to set 18.000 i can only set 18.200 and i if scroll alt knob down nothing change i cant set new altitude for descent because the altitude knob doens´t work correcly i hope some one can help me with this... PICTURE..
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