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  1. I'm simply using the keyboard. Most small airplanes behave like that. I have to push down like crazy for them to align again...
  2. Thank you, Charlie. I'll look at the mao, quite easy. However, when disconnecting the AP in certain airplanes, it goes upward immediatelly (King Air, for example). Why is that? Thank's a lot.
  3. I'm new with FSX. Trying to land in Hong Kong Intl., 25 left, with 747. Hong Kong airport officil data informs ILS 108.90, direction 253, but my plane always deviate to the right, quite off the runway. I tried with King Air and the same occurred... Any help here,besides telling me how to find an ILS localizer number and runway direction, please. I'm new, but 81 years old... Thank you.
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