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  1. Even when I try the offline mode, the result is the same.
  2. Each time I try to fly, it says "you're currently offline." When I check the connection it says I'm connected to the internet. Is there something else I have to do to be "online", other than having an internet connection? I downloaded the whole program online. How do I connect it to the internet?
  3. No it keeps saying I'm offline. If it check connecti9n, it shows I'm connected.
  4. ? So I buy xbox x along with MSFS 2020 and it doesn't work. How do i get support from MSFS
  5. So I buy xbox x along with MSFS 2020 and it doesn't work.
  6. I purchased an Xbox X a couple of weeks ago, along with a download version of MSFS 2020. Due to a slow internet connection (6.5 Mbps) it took a week to download the 100+ gigabytes. I am trying to run the program offline. When I open MSFS and attempt to fly, I get this message: “You are currently offline and do not have the optional Offline Mode files installed, so cannot start a new flight.” It says to check connection. I checked, and it is connected. I clicked on the “EXIT AND DOWNLOAD OFFLINE CONTENT". I have done this twice and waited 24 hours for slow download. It didn’t work. ANY SUGGESTIONS? (not shouting) I am an old geezer and wanted to do the flying instructions for entertainment. That’s the only program I downloaded
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