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  1. The POH says that this "AP/trim disconnect" button basically disengages autopilot and electric trim: I guess, I figured it out. The button doesn't work in the game in a correct way. A custom key can not be assigned to it. Will report a bug. I mean you can assign "Disengage autopilot" but it supposed to be a little more than that. The button should also stop 'Manual Electric Trim' (MET) from functioning. In case of malfunction the MET can be switched off and the analog trim wheel can be used instead.
  2. Seems like this button on the yoke has two functions. 1. Disconnect AP (autopilot); 2. Something with the trim, I guess. There is no such thing as "Disconnect trim", so probably some other trim fuction? I looked POH for 172 but there is no explanation.
  3. Hello! I have Honeycomb Alpha yoke which is a replica of Cessna yoke. I’m trying to assign the button on the screen below to the same button on my actual physical yoke. But I can't find it in the Controls menu. Can anyone help?
  4. It will be done. The tricky part is that you can't roll back sim10 update. I mean, you can do it via Steam, but in will not solve the problem. Only the complete re-install does.
  5. I finally got it! The problem is with the sim10 beta update. I installed the game on my laptop and picked up beacons' signal during the very first test flight.
  6. I do hear them. In default Cessna 152. Do you have sim10 beta installed? I have it installed, may be that's why I don't pick up those marker beacons.
  7. Only single one. The mod that fixes taxiway markings at KMYF airport. Do you think it might be a cause of the marker issue?
  8. There might be a bug on my side. A few guys informed me about airports with marker beacons. I tried those but no signal there. No flashing, no beeping.
  9. Thank you, Randall! The aircraft is default Cessna 152. I just set the frequency for ILS at chosen airport and start landing there, waiting for beacon to flash and beep. The MKR button is on and the volume is at max.
  10. Hey there! Can you please name some locations? I mean where you recently picked up a marker beacon signal? I just tried at KONT and there was no signal for me. This airport has one inner beacon on RW 26L. I checked that with airnav.
  11. Hello! Yes, I do. In Cessna 152. By the way, as I remember MKR button can be turned off, but the receiver will still flashing. Turning MKR on simply adds beeping sound.
  12. Hello! I bought a game a month ago. When I was flying around in Cessna 152 I used to notice my marker beacon's receiver flashing and beeping. About a week ago the receiver became silent. No flashing, no beeping. It took my attention and I decided to check the thing. I know that are not too many marker beacons left in the world but I found out that MCO airport still has inner beacon. RW 17L. Localizer 110.95. So, I tried a few landings there, but the marker beacon receiver is silent. Again, no flashing, no beeping. Does some update might either removed markers from the game or temporarily turned them off? Guys, if some of you fly around some airport with marker beacons, can you please prove that marker beacons still work? I would like to test that in my game, because there might be some bug on my side.
  13. Hello! I fly default Cessna 152 in MFS2020. Recently I tried to do 1 hour flight with minimum fuel on board. LNM said that after 1 hour of flight my Cessna 152 consumed 28lbs of fuel. However, in MFS2020, when I opened toolbar and clicked on FUEL section it showed me different numbers. The game said the flight consumed much less than 28lbs, actually. So, how does LNM count the consumption? Does it take the data from the game?
  14. Ok, I figured it out. VORs have calibrated declination which is why I see two numbers on the bearing. VOR's calibrated declination might be different from the magnetic declination in the area. An example: let's say we need to fly to the true north using VOR. Local magnetic declination is 11east. So, if we were to fly using just magnetic compass we would keep 349 heading. it's 360-11 = 349. Our VOR has calibrated declination 15east. Which means we need to set CDI to 345 if we need to fly straight to the true north with the help of VOR. So, if the MD is 11east and VOR CD is 15east then we will fly with CDI set to 345 while keep 349 on the magnetic compass. These are two numbers I see on VOR bearing as 345 > 349.
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