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  1. Hi all, looking for some feedback on FSLTS and frame rates. I have a situation where when I take off, my frame rates are fine, while I run FSLTS traffic. Then, by the time I go to land at another airport, frame rates start to drop and the sim gets super laggy. Does anyone else have the same issue? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the tip, I'm using this mix already but just wish that it would populate other airports around the area I was flying in/could hear the traffic on ATC, but I agree, its the best option I've found so far.
  3. I just cant believe so much energy and effort has been put into making a beautiful simulator, easily far better than anything we've had before, and yet something as simple as AI traffic has let it down entirely. Even AI was better in previous simulators. Really really disappointing. What is everyone using in the mean time? ie PSXT Real Traffic or AIG (with planes flying all over the place?) I've looked into VATSIM with a AI Model matcher but correct me if im wrong, but this is totally dependent on other simmers flying the routes, and this would mean that some flights simply won't be flown if someone isnt on the other end to fly it, right? Cheers all, Matt
  4. Hi all, Recently I got back into simming after the purchase of a new gaming rig, in preparation to play the super exciting MSFS2020. I downloaded and installed the AIG traffic softwares as I love flying around in super busy skies, listening and watching all the other traffic around me. The AIG system was great, installed heaps of airlines and started flying around LAX and ORD when I noticed some planes flying 200m from the ground, and some planes landing in nearby paddocks. My question to all of you is this - how can we fix this? The simulator has been out for a few years now, and is the AI traffic still this bad? I couldn't believe how bad it was! I tried PSXT and RealTraffic but the issue with these is that it only spawns traffic at your departure and arrival airport. I would have preferred traffic spawning at airports around me, ie JFK, Newark, Laguardia etc. Does anyone have any tips to fix the AI traffic behaviour? The sim is amazing but the AI is something quite shocking! Thanks all, Matt
  5. So, for my understanding, if I select KJFK as my departure airport, and KLAX as the arrival, then, when I use RealTraffic and PSXT, I should be seeing other airborne traffic along the way that might not nessercerily be travelling also to KJFK or KLAX airports? For example I might see airborn flights going to KORD, KEWR, KLAS etc as I pass them along my flight path? Or does it generate only traffic in the air going to my departure or destination airports, regardless of other traffic in my airspace? Is this correct? Matt
  6. Hiya, thank you. The more I am working with the program, the more I understand how it works. I am assuming that it loads traffic only for the departure and arrival airport, for example, if I took off from JFK, and then flew over Newark or La Guardia airport, these airports wont show any traffic as they werent my departure airport, correct? Reason I ask this is that Ive tried this, and JFK is packed with traffic, but when I fly over other NYC airports, they're bare, with no traffic at all. How can I make traffic generate all around me, rather than just at the airport I departed or arrived at? Happy to make a donation, but I need to ensure the program really works as I need it to. I want the whole world to be alive, not just one or two airports... Cheers Matt
  7. Hiya, fixed this by deleting the file Realtraffic.ini. Otherwise its an incredible application - well done! Also, question, i assume this is also why when I flew from LAX-ORD there wasnt any traffic in the skies along the journey, even through RealTraffic said there should have been? It was like it wasn't showing any airborn traffic.. Also, do contrails appear with AIG aircraft? For example when youre at FL350, should I expect to see other AI aircraft flying by with contrails appearing? And the final question, how come ATC doesn't talk to the traffic, its like they just do their own thing and aren't interacting with ATC? Thanks heaps for your time. Cheers Matt
  8. And now ive tried to fly in LAS and take off traffic doesnt lift off and just flies strait down the run way and into the distance. Pretty close to giving up on this entire sim right now...
  9. Hi all, Im using the RealTraffic and PSXT combo and its FANTASTIC, but one issue im having is that there arent any planes actually landing. They take off, taxi etc but dont actually land, dispite them showing on the radar of RealTraffic. Please help, i dont know what im doing wrong? Matt
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