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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and new to MSFS 2020. This is a project I am doing with the kids (11 year old twins). Given how comprehensive and realistic MSFS is, it is surprising how approachable it is to just learn to fly, once you get a joystick and cheat sheet so you remember where all the main controls are. My question is whether anyone has seen a cheat sheet for how to fly a long-haul flight and actually get where you are going 🤣... without going through an entire 5-year pilot training program I mean. I seem to recall from years ago waypoints were involved but I imagine these days it's about punching something into a GPS. For some reason my son wants to take off, go to bed and see how close he is (SYD->LAX) in the morning. 748 (until the much-anticipated A380 is available). Has anyone seen a "basics" guide - MSFS seems to be quite forgiving, so I was hoping we could build up on instruments and controls as we practice.
  2. NVidia strikes again. Radeon or bust for me - buy 'em, cool 'em right and you're good.
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