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  1. hey guys. Checking in again. I just downloaded the service packs from the links posted above. WOW. I have the sim running like it's supposed to now! I did have some initial issues with the screen glitching out, but changing some settings made all the difference. I cant thank you guys enough! the BT67 works GREAT now! I didnt have time to screenshot it, but I will update the thread tomorrow with them Thanks again so much! I am eternally in your debts!
  2. hey guys. sorry i have been crazy busy at work and have not been able to do much in the way of simming. I guess I should post some specs on what i have or what version. The computer itself is a dell running Windows 10 pro 64bit I have 12gb of dual channer ddr3 ram I dont have a video card installed. just whatever came with the computer. The game itself was bought many years ago on ebay (i think) and is simply packaged as Microsoft flight simulator deluxe edition. it is the DVD version (again, I think) The box for the game specifies a processor of 1gh or higher, windows xp sp2 or windows vista and a DX9 compliant video card with 32mb of ram. Even with the crappiness of the computer I am on, it seems to me that I should be able to run this fine with no issues. (I have run FSX in the highest settings possible, and it runs absolutely perfectly. Again, there are only a handful of planes that I am having trouble with and am starting to wonder if the planes as they are "built" are at fault. (having to high a polygon count or something...)
  3. Ok. Here is a picture of my menu. I dont have that option available to me, meaning that It seems that It is not a factor here, right?
  4. Thanks Airernie, i will try to see if this helps! thanks again for all your replies! I really do appreciate them!
  5. Thank you guys for the replies. Stans, Im not sure how to do this. I dont see any option for unchecking a box in any settings menu. Dan, I realize this is going to be the case. In those cases where the documentation states it's a reconrfigured plane or has been modified for use in FSX, I dont bother trying to fix the problem. All the issues have been with planes made specifically for FSX (at least according to the documentation and descriptions I find) I did find the Cfg file and did find the graphics section. I did add the line just under the "graphics" line. Should the new line be inserted somewhere specific? Im also assuming that formatting (all caps) will affect the outcome, right? Here are some more screenshots so you can see what the results of my CFG file modification are. Fairey Phantome: Note the graphics setting are set to lowest possible settings. Propeller and pilot along with some interior textures are still black Hughes H1: Also displayed on lowest settings, but I should state that I have not had any issues with this particular plane even on high settings There are 4 planes that i recently downloaded that I wanted to fly, but again, they are still showing up with missing textures even after the CFG mod. I should also mention that when selecting 2 of the 4 new planes, the program will shut down entirely. Dont know whats causing it yet...
  6. hey Dazkent Yes I have the box edition. I would have to find the box to tell you exactly what version, but it was purchased about 10 years ago. I did try the Highmemfix solution as I had read about that, but it did not seem to fix the problem. Some textures went from clear to black, while others went the opposite way. Im wondering if I might have done it wrong, but I will screenshot what I did. Im on my way to work now, but will check in later this evening.
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Fig. Ive been simming for a long while, but have never really gotten into the technical side of flight simulator. After finally being able to have a computer dedicated to running FSX, I have been having some trouble with certain planes. Many planes I have downloaded as add-ons have come from both the Avsim Library and Simviation. Most installations go smoothly and I have not had any real issues with them. But a select few have installed correctly, and only when I have selected a plane and loaded it, do I find out that it will not display correctly. I have done some reading and some googling about this missing textures / Transparent ghost plane issues, but the 2 "established" fixes have not worked for me. Im not sure if I have done something wrong, but I have tried to find a solution to no avail. I've taken to just deleting the add-on and finding something else to fly as it's just been really frustrating dealing with this. I've even resorted to contacting some of the people that published the aircraft like Manfred Jahn regarding his BT-67. He even sent me the file directly through dropbox and I still had the same problem. Any chance you guys could take pity on a newbie and help me through this? There are some great planes that I would love to fly, but this missing textures issue is just really aggravating. Thanks in advance! -Fig PS: A screenshot of the lastest offending aircraft...
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