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  1. I am using MSFS and Vatsim. By real numbers I mean those which agree with the real maps (Navigraph) and are used by controllers. For example in LKPR I was told to go to gate 23 and following LNM I ended up in gate 6…
  2. Hello, In a number of airports gate numbers shown by LNM do not agree with the real numbers. It can create confusion when dealing with ground controllers. Is there a way to adjust the sceneries? cheers luc
  3. Bingo, thank you Twenty6! It was linked to a button on my HC bravo… it works cheers all
  4. Thank you Xenonsk, i tried but no result here. It is really strange, holding the right mouse button both pfd appear well but vanish as soon as i release… cheers
  5. Hi I just purchased the Hjet but the PFD remains black on both sides. Curiously, if I click on the right button of my mouse it comes alive but disappears again when I release the button, Any suggestion ?
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