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  1. Called Honeycomb again. I did discover the solution to a problem with the rudder responding that had to do with the TBM 850 MAPING FOR IT. However my number one issue is the most important and I suspect they can help with that one and my number two. There is a chance that the unit is defective. It really surprises me that Honeycomb seems to make a nice product, but they do not seem very willing to support it. Ultimately the community will get the message and buy from other manufacturers. Maybe because this is made in China and hard for them to get support from China???
  2. I am flying the TBM 850 daily and thrilled with it. Only a couple of minor issues I am working on, the main one being the HAT switch to change cockpit views. I run in on three gaming curved monitors and it is stunning. And very real. This is the aircraft that I plan to own the real one, one day. A singe turbo is the lowest cost in terms of operating. Not to mention the small jet kinda speed. I would very much like to see a topic just dedicated to the TBM so we can discuss fixes etc. I am working on the correct map for it. Like the fact that the flap channel on the Honeycomb throttle is not in the default map and changing it cased me other issues that I am looking into. The traditional small single avaition like the 172 etc. button up/down works. If you have any questions get back to me I maybe able to help. Remember this is a Turboprop and you have to make sure to set the torque along with the throttle. And check the position of fuel, starter switch masters etc. Just like the real plane. Please consider being able to do an image from file directly.
  3. Hi ran into the windows 11 issue today. I am in the process of setting up a sim and of course the new gaming computer came with Windows 11. I am running MSFS 2020 and it is on three gaming curved monitors. working great and an amazing flying experience. My plane is the TBM 850 which i hope to own the actual real one, one day. I haven't searched here to see if there is a topic on just the aircraft. Anyway, I am using the Honeycomb yoke and throttle, and I also just purchased and tried to install today, rudder pedals from Logitech. I checked with them about it being compatible with my computer and MSFS etc and they assured me it was. So you can emagine my surprise when i went to load the driver for it and it is NOT compatible with Windows 11. I called them and asked if it would work on 10 and the person I talked to could not answer my question, as he was in the wrong group and it would take a few days for them to get back to me. BTW there are a number of messages about problems getting support from Honeycomb and I have experienced that myself. In any case I did install the next lower driver and the results are mixed. The toe brakes work, however, i do not get any rudder movement. However looking at the map for it it is in fact moving the output to the rudder. It maybe a simple parameter fix. I will be looking into this in the morning. This is the rudder that Honeycomb seems to suggest using with their system. I think that there are better out there. My only two issues are so far: 1. I can NOT make the hat switch change cockpit views USING the LOOK POV's for left, right etc. 2. For some reason the gear down lights work, but on occasion the gear up lights red and green do not come on. Either on the yoke or the MSFS sim display. I really hope that someday I will find a list confirming all the correct mapping for the TBM and in the end I will probably develop it myself. Look forward to this support forum since we can not seem to get any support from Honeycomb!
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