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  1. Good news: I was able to fix the issue re-downloading and installing the latest version of FSUIPC. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for your help! Best regards
  2. Hm, the screenshots are not showing. Don't know how to add them.
  3. Hi Dave, thanks for the swift reply. I tried what you suggested. Issue still around, unfortunately. Today it worked once at gate, copied IFR crearance, then it witched to ground automatically (as it should), copied taxi instructions, taxied to runway, but then the issue popped up again when I wanted to request takeoff clearance. I've added two screenshots showing the situation, including my settings. I have no idea why this happens.
  4. Hi @Dave-Pilot2ATC, Long time user, first time writer. 🙂 Love p2atc. Saves my butt from having to use the horrible stock MSFS2020 ATC. 😄 Thanks for that! I've always been able to fix p2atc issues by browsing this forum, thanks to your legendary, on-point advice. But today, I am stumped. So I signed up to AVSIM in order to seek your advice about the following: I updated p2atc about two weeks ago. Ever since, I've been between a rock and a hard place (note: I may have missed a few updates in between. Don't do so very often). I've been experiencig a whole bunch of issues. Sometimes ground AI (blue aircraft symbols on the map) will be displayed as airborne AI (red symbols). Sometimes p2atc will not be able to find my aircraft location, even though FSUIPC7 and MSFS are up and running. But my main concern has been the following: ever since I updated, I've been getting these "assigned to controler frequency xxx.xx" messages in blue text. Never happened before. The blue messages are entirely new to me (been using p2atc for 3 years, from back in X-Plane 11). I have "copilot changes frequency" and "copilot responds" activated, because, well, I'm a lazy SOB and as I fly airliners IFR I sometimes need both hands to simulate a two-person flight deck crew, never mind the radios. 😛 Anyhow, whenever the blue "assigned to" messages pop up, the automated co-pilot function seems to fail. Frequencies are not changed, and I can no longer communicate with atc. As said, these blue messages were non-existent before I updated. The issue first appeared whilst using the Captain Sim 777-300ER with the Salty add-on (I know...terrible plane, but what can I say...I love the 777. And the Salty mod makes it acceptable). So I figured maybe an add-on problem. A year or so back, I had to check the "swap com radios" option to make the CS 777 work with p2atc. But now when I do so the radio starts swapping back and forth erratically every second or two. So that was no longer an option. Again, I figured it was a CS 777 incompatibility. However, after re-starting with the vanilla, stock Asobo A320 I was having the same issues. That was precicely the moment I ran out of ideas and decided to check this forum. After that failed, I had to go and create an AVSIM account and bother you about it. 😕 I'm hoping you can work your magic once more and help me out. 🙂 Why am I suddenly getting these blue "assigned to" ATC text messages in p2atc that seem to stop everything in it's tracks? Thanks a bunch in advance for your feedback. And/or if any other p2atc user has some advice, I'll gladly take it. (Hi BTW, dear flight sim community. My first post. My name is Mar, and I have a flight sim problem. 😂😂😂) Cheers to you all, happy (sim)flightalways! Best regards
  5. Wow, I just joined the community a few seconds ago and am saddened to realize that the founder has passed. So sorry, @PebbleBeach. You seem to be connected closely. For what it's worth, the gift he gave keeps on giving. I am proof of that, as I am thankful to be able to access all of the knowledge shared in this forum. BTW, I'm sure he's having a blast. No one flies higher than heaven. 😉 Best regards
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