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  1. I've been having a persistent issue with certain cockpit interactions in the 310R while using VR (Hp Reverb 2, issue exists in WMR as well as SteamVR). I can't click certain buttons, which will vary depending on avionics selection. Nav 1/2 transfer buttons don't work (Comm transfer works fine), nor does the bottom row of buttons on the autopilot (though the alt select and AP master work just fine). Everything works outside of VR mode. Mapping hardware buttons to the affected functions works. The buttons glow blue when mousing over, but they will not activate when clicking. Another interesting behavior is that the autopilot controls work just fine when using the Garmin 750 (which moves the AP control module to the top of the stack), but the issue persists on the 530 and radio nav configurations. It makes me wonder if it is not about the control modules themselves so much as their location in the cockpit. Any thoughts on this? I've tried a few debugging methods, but the issue persists (different render scale, fullscreen/windowed, changed mouse settings). I'm not sure if its related to the 310 itself, an MSFS issue or related to my VR configuration.
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