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  1. Hello, I want to control the MSFS via physical switches and indicator. My plan is to use the Arduino-Bridge. I saw in the documentation, that the Bridge should work with Arduino-Nano-R3. I board now two Arduino-Nano-Every, because I thought "Nano" is "Nano"... :-) But now I can not get a connection to the Arduino-Boards. Is it possible, that the Bridge is not working with Arduino-Nano-Every? What can I do? Any idea? Thank you for your kindly support! BR Christoph (CSTR-Online)
  2. I have also this problem. can someone explain how to change the location of the user account?
  3. Hello all, I need your support, because I'm very desperate. I've had the demoversion running and it was all fine! One time, my computer crashed during an update of MSFS... I've had to reinstall my computer and also MSFS. After the reinstall AAOs was not starting anymore. So I bought the official version and installed. But also the official version is not running. When I start AAO, as an adminisstrator, I can see in Task-Manager, that AAO ist starting, than somesing happened with my monitors(I think, windows change the setup of the displays), MS-onedrive is started and than suddenly AAO is stropped and not visible in Task-Manager. The community folder is exsisting. Can anyone support me? Thank you in advanced! cstr-online
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