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  1. meant BUS BREAKER PULLED:6 to 0 for the BATTERY...
  2. If I turn on the battery master and avionics master switches by mouse, the keybind does work: LVAR:GENERIC_XPNDR_ON to 1 however, when turning on the battery and avionics master switch with keybinds: LVAR:GENERIC_ELECTRICAL_SWITCH_BATTERY_MASTER_1 to1 BUS BREAKER PULLED:4 to 0 BATTERY_1_SET to 1 and LVAR:GENERIC_ELECTRICAL_AVIONICS_MASTER_1 to1 BUS BREAKER PULLED:4 to 0 then LVAR:GENERIC_XPNDR_ON to 1 doesnt do anything....
  3. I completely forgot there is also a GTN750 version, Im talking about the WTGNS530 Version (rt 859 transponder)
  4. yup sorry forgot to mention that 🙂 I just found out its because with the lvars I binded to my FIPs, the transponder signal light (that little orange lamp on the transponder) doesnt turn on. With mouse works fine. If anyone has the correct binding fot this Id really appreciate. The transponder switches move but dont actually set the transponder to on/alt..
  5. no matter what, atc wont recognize my squawk setting. transponder is in alt and on mode but nothing. setting it via atc menu (acknowledge squawk code) also doesnt work. so in vfr I dont have any flight following/nearest airports options and ifr gets cancelled because atc doesnt verify me setting the assignes squawk... what am I doing wrong this is driving me nuts...
  6. Wow, now things start to get overwhelming 🤣 But I somehow managed to get the panel lights working with the GENERIC_ELECTRICAL_PANEL_MASTER and Bus Connection on:5 events. Might look into lua scripts later, I have heard about it but honestly have no clue, there is not much information to be found about that topic. However, thank you very much for your kind help!
  7. Theres one thing I forgot: the cabin and pedestral lights... I cant activate for example LVAR:LIGHTING_CABIN_1. ... I tried with K: and H: events but to no avail... guess Im still a newbie in spad after all 😆maybe Im lucky and you also know what the problem is here 🙈
  8. Thank you very much, confirm it works perfectly! I salute you.
  9. hello and a nice sunday everyone, I am currently trying to bind all buttons and switches in the 414 via spad.next. The only thing left missing and I cant get to work is the 3 pushbuttons on the cfs2000a fuel computer. There are LVARS for Set-, Function- and Test-button, but they are labeled as "cfs1000a" while the 414 has a cfs2000a (?). However, the cfs1000 a LVARS seem to do something for the cfs2000a. For example, in MSFS dev mode behaviour debug, it shows clicking the "function" button with the mouse changes GENERIC:LVAR_CFS1000a_FUNCTION from 1 to 0. There are also GENERIC:LVAR_CFS1000aFUNCTION_Inc GENERIC:LVAR_CFS1000a_FUNCTION_Dec and GENERIC:LVAR_CFS1000aFUNCTION_Toggle shown in behaviour debug. Thats when I thought maybe I can set up a custom event in spad.next,for example K:GENERIC:LVAR_CFS1000a_FUNCTION_Toggle but it doesnt seem to work... what am I missing here? I really appreciate any help. Have a nice one!
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