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    vVolotea CEO with more of 1800h of Airbus A320F (On sim, for now 😁)
  1. Thanks for your patience! Let's hope🙏🏻
  2. Thank you! In fact, before creating a post here on avsim, I tried to change altitude, make an exclusion file (I didn't know the inibuild one was available) but nothing has worked...
  3. Good morning to all, I have this problem with the Cagliari scenario (LIEE made by NSS) I know the scenario is not compatible with v5 as it was created for v3, but with p3d v4 it was fine. However, with p3d v5 I have this problem: If I move the view away, the scenario is loaded correctly, for example if I landed, a piece of texture is missing (which appears when moving away the view!) Is there any solution? It is the only decent scenario for Cagliari on P3D and I would like to fly there again after years. Below there are the screenshot of the problem: https://ibb.co/HG8LKHB Here is ok https://ibb.co/zRjfks1 Here not.. 😔 Thanks!
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