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  1. I had been using the link cable cause airlink don't work at all. but the DPVR E 4 is pcvr and it wasn't working, I will try default.
  2. I have RTX 4060 ti and I have had trouble with msfs occulus vr, I have i7, the sim just won't run it's like I don't have the min. spec it just freezes. I can't get the TBM off the runway. before I purchased the 4060 I had 1080 and it was ok but grainy, I have lowered the settings, maybe i have not lowered enough, if I run outside VR I can get up to 60-70 fps, I should mention that iRacing in VR is good, also I call myself upgrading and I purchased DPVR E4 and I had the same results, I plan on sending back. I was trying to upgrade. so can anyone help out with this problem, should just lower all the settings and start from there, or is it the card?
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