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  1. I found posts here (and then subsequently the docs) about the API on the LNM web server. Looks like can get things like airport info and aircraft position. I would like to get the coordinates of each waypoint on the flight plan. Is that possible somehow? (I plan on plotting the flight path on windy.com to help with forecasting) I can parse the HTML from the web site flight plan page, but was hoping for something more JSON / data focused. Thank you.
  2. Excellent. Another one of the many, many killer features of LNM that I didn't know was there. (Just recently discovered the toolbar button in procedures to "preview all listed procedures" even though that has been in front of me for a long time.) THANK YOU for the help @albar965
  3. I have LNM installed on my desktop and laptop (for making flight plans from the couch 🙂). I have noticed a subtle, yet bothersome difference between the two, and am likely just missing something subtle, wonder if anyone can point it out. Same version installed on both machines. 2.8.11 Same settings in Tools / Options (I have gone through each page and compared). When zoomed out to a desired distance around an airport, I select different STARs and see where they come from. On laptop, the UI does not recenter or zoom on selection change. (video example here) This is desired, I like having the same / optimal vantage point when comparing procedure routes. On desktop, the UI DOES center and zoom on selection change. (video example here) Seems to want to keep the full procedure in the zoom extent. Anybody know the difference on what causes the different behavior? Thank you!
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