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  1. Agreed. That was pretty rude of that user. I was referred to Lorbi by another happy customer. And now im happy. Very happy. Thanks!
  2. Your software is AMAZING! The flexibility it affords us is incredible! So thank you very much for all your hard work and effort!!!!! I look forward to doing EVEN MORE with it. When I finally got it all working today, I was sitting at my controls with a silly grin on my face! Thank you! I tried using "Number", but it gave me something like... 129500000 on the streamdeck, for a frequency of 129.500 on the airplane. It wasnt until I did the previously mentioned changes (MHz) in the AAO string, and adjust SD to be 3dec places out, that I was able to get the SD to show properly (129.500). Not anyones fault, but thats just the way it was. Im very happy! Thanks once again! For anyone reading - HIGHLY recommend Axis and Ohs!
  3. Thank you for the response. After much toil, I have got to where I need to be. Indeed im using Guensli's wonderful profiles, and indeed, he didnt make radio's. After another 12hrs of tinkering, I have finally managed to break through and use the dials to tune radio's, and have those frequencies display on the buttons. I also have the Transponder mapped aswell. After a few hours, I finally realised I had to delete the "BCD16" part of the syntax, and index means 1="comm1", 2="comm2" and 3="comm3". I also figured out that i had to change/delete part of the comm string and replace it with "MHz" for it to show the frequency in the airplane radio tuning panel, and that i had to adjust Streamdeck to propagate the numbers out to 3decimal place. I think these variables are all default sim variables... so luckily, i didnt have to delve into how to use the rotorbrake stuff. That was DIFFICULT! thanks again
  4. Hi all! Please let me declare in the first instance, that i am in no way a computer genius! I switch the computer on, i play games, i switch it off. That is the extent of my computing prowess! Lol. Anyway, its been nearly 24hrs since trying to set the 4 rotary knobs on my StreamDeck Plus to tune radio frequencies, and im no closer to achieving it. (I will eventually like to be able to do transponder codes aswell). 1. Anyone know how this can be done? Is it possible to just use an AAO variable to make the changes im looking for? 2. Can the frequency be displayed on the little indicator on the streamdeck plus screen? What I envisage is 2 knobs for the captains/VHF1/Comm1 frequency tuning, and the other 2 knobs for the FO/VHF2/Comm2. I managed to use (my paid version) of Axis and Ohs to determine the name of the variable/s that !I THINK! are the ones i need, which are: Capt side panel 72607 COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INC 72608 COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC 72707 COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC 72708 COM_RADIO_FRACT_DEC FO side panel 84207 COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INC 84208 COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC 84307 COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC 84308 COM_RADIO_FRACT_DEC Thanks for any and all assistance
  5. Hi Rudy I have responded. thank you!
  6. Hi all Forgive me for ressurecting an old thread, but this one hits the nail on the head. Has anyone got a 787-9 GenX performance .per file i can use? I have tried to touch base with PFPX and another well known .per holder, to no avail. Ive scoured for weeks but cant find one. ive got the 787-8 GenX one, and the Trent -9, but just need a GenX -9. Thanks!
  7. Hi all Its a long shot, but ive scoured the internet to no avail... I wondered if anyone has a genX performance profile for the 787-9 specifically? I want to flight plan using pfpx I have simbrief, but it isnt detailed enough, ive returned back to PFPX for advanced flight planning. Thank you!
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